This is my first ever “letter to the editor” type post – but I got an email yesterday from a bride to be that is dealing with some unfortunate issues with her wedding venue. I wanted to share her letter so that you all, my readers, could be aware of this – not only if The Fairmont is your venue, but also to reiterate the importance of obtaining venue insurance, and thoroughly vetting your venue before you book with them.

PLEASE be sure to ask your venues what their policies are if something like this were to happen at their space. The more you know and the more you ask, the better protected you will be. Thanks to Katey for sharing.


**UPDATE – Please read the bottom for The Fairmont’s response**

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I am not sure if you would post anything like this – also curious if you have heard from any other brides –  but our wedding is June 29 (of this year) at the Fairmont in DC and we were informed yesterday that there will be a major construction project undertaken to address an external water leakage. They will be erecting scaffolding on the external walls that face the street and in the interior courtyard. It essentially ruins the aesthetic of the space. I understand that an issue like this is out of the hotel’s control, however this is the issue:

The hotel insisted to me over and over again that they only just found out about this issue on Friday of last week. However, after pressing them, I learned that another couple learned last week at their tasting. We also are in the process of pulling the permit applications, which we may have identified but need to confirm. If these are one in the same for this project, the hotel was seeking permits for this work  in March.

The Fairmont is letting people out of their contracts with full refunds, but we believe that because this emergency project must take place during the high season of weddings, they are purposefully withholding this information until closer to the event to make it difficult for people to find alternatives.

Also people should be warned that their guest rooms may be impacted.

Would you be willing to let people know about this potential issue? In addition to the couple we met, they know of two other couples potentially impacted.

We don’t want other couples of DC to be caught flatfooted.

I also plan on contacting other local wedding blogs. I would like to get the word out to as many couples as possible.

Thank you for listening.



The Fairmont has since responded:

I just spoke with the director of sales and marketing, Shannon Schneider, and she apologized profusely for what happened and acknowledged that we should have been told sooner. She assisted me with all of the questions our contact could not. And in addition to refunding our money, the hotel has compensated us for our trouble. I did not even ask for it – I just wanted to be made whole. It would be great if you could share this update on the blog as well.  Even though our experience with Mark was not up-to-par, the management has taken steps to rectify the situation, very graciously. Always good to point out when they make it right or you get to the competent person who can help you.


  1. Thank you for posting this. There are 2 sides to every story, but if The Fairmont really is not immediately informing all of their guests about the upcoming construction and how it may affect them, that’s terrible.

  2. Bree,

    Would you consider reaching out to the Fairmont and getting their side of the story and posting here? Regardless, I know this has to be SO STRESSFUL for couples planning their weddings at the Fairmont!!

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