I get a bunch of weird, non-wedding submissions from time to time and I usually just respond with a simple “sorry I’m a wedding blog” response. However, when I got these images from Eastport Photography of their first anniversary vacation (they never took a honeymoon), well I just couldn’t resist sharing! Jess and her husband Bill not only took a trip to Vieques, Puerto Rico, but they had an adventure! Wild horses, small plan rides, Jeep explorations – plus the views on the beach are just to die for.

So, let’s all take a deep breath this Friday (especially as I run around like a FOOL this weekend hosting my family, manning a table at the DC MEET Market and getting things in order before I leave for vacation next week) and just enjoy this awesome trip review (a perfect place to visit for your honeymoon or anniversary trip). Oh and warning, you will be jealous. Very jealous.

Wedding Inspiration: A Honeymoon (or Anniversary Trip) Review of Vieques, Puerto Rico

puetro rico honeymoon anniversary vacation review

Images: Eastport Photography | Transportation:Maritza’s Car Rental | Location: Quinta Jabalí | Transportation: Seaborne Airlines | Other: Vieques Classic Charter | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

 puetro rico honeymoon anniversary vacation review

Bill and I never took a proper honeymoon vacation, so we decided to spend our first wedding anniversary vacationing in Vieques, Puerto Rico. Vieques is a small island about 20 minutes from San Juan by plane. The journey to Vieques is an adventure in itself! Bill and I opted to take Seaborne Airlines, which offers the largest planes flying to Vieques. But our 18 passenger plane still seemed very tiny to us! It was a very cool experience sitting 2 seats behind the pilots and actually watching them fly the plane. And the views of Puerto Rico from the sky were incredible!

Vieques does not offer any large resorts (with the exception of the relatively new W Hotel). Most accommodations on the island are small guest houses. Bill and I decided to stay at a private 1 bedroom house called Quinta Jabalí. The house is set up on a steep hill offering 180 degree views of the Sea, beautiful landscaping, and an infinity pool. We enjoyed complete privacy and seclusion while at the house.

puetro rico honeymoon anniversary vacation review puetro rico honeymoon anniversary vacation review

The only way to properly explore the island of Vieques is by Jeep Wrangler. Many of the roads you will need to take to the beaches are unpaved and very rugged. Your Jeep will be your best friend. We explored all corners of the island with ours!

There is no shortage of gorgeous beaches on the island of Vieques. My personal favorite was the beach at Punta Arenas (also known as Green Beach). There were no large waves there, making the water very swimmable and the shore was scattered with pretty conch shells. I recommend exploring a different beach every day. Getting there will be quite an adventure – sometimes long and bumpy but worth it!

puetro rico honeymoon anniversary vacation review

Bill made it his mission one day to open a coconut. It was a lot harder than you would think! You can admire his hard work below!

puetro rico honeymoon anniversary vacation review

Click inside for the rest of the awesome pictures on Vieques, Puerto Rico!

Be careful of horses while you’re driving. They are everywhere! Horses roam wild all over the island and you will see tons of them during your trip.

Since Bill and I are big fans of sailing, no trip to the Caribbean would be complete without a sailing charter. We decided to spend the day sailing on the Shalamar with Captain Sebastian, his crew hand Nacky, and his two cats. Captain Sebastian and Nacky were so accommodating and pleasant. We sailed, snorkeled, drank beer while floating in the Caribbean, and enjoyed a nice lunch. Bill even got to test his skills at the helm.

puetro rico honeymoon anniversary vacation review puetro rico honeymoon anniversary vacation review puetro rico honeymoon anniversary vacation review

Our house was located only a few minutes by car from the seaside town of Esperanza so that is where we spent most of our nights having dinner and drinks. We really enjoyed Duffy’s for its laid-back atmosphere, fantastic bartender Jaime, and inexpensive food. We also really enjoyed El Quenepo for its fine dining island style. My favorite thing about Esperanza though is its harbor, sprinkled with colorful little boats – a beautiful backdrop for this tiny town.

And no trip to Vieques would be complete without a night-time tour of the Bioluminescent Bay, perhaps the most notable tourist attraction on the island. I have to admit, it was a bit creepy at first going down a long dirt road in the pitch black dark and being shoved into the blackness of the bay on a kayak. However, once out on the water I found it romantic. And the glowing critters in the bay are pretty cool after all.

puetro rico honeymoon anniversary vacation review puetro rico honeymoon anniversary vacation review

If you’re looking to be pampered in the luxury and comforts of a resort environment, then Vieques would probably not be the best choice for your honeymoon. But if you’re feeling a little adventurous, want to mingle with the locals, and really experience island life, then this is an excellent choice!

puetro rico honeymoon anniversary vacation review

So are you ready to jump on the first (small) plane to Vieques, Puerto Rico yet!? Thanks to Eastport Photography for sharing this fun, trip review!

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