Today’s Friday Inspiration post comes to us in the form of an educational guest post from Little Bird Creative! Carina, owner of Little Bird Creative, is on hand today to teach us all about wedding invitation “Must Haves”. What does that mean? Well, to put it simply, wedding invitation suites can include a MYRIAD of options. You could get PRETTY carried away when it comes to your wedding invites, but you really don’t have to! I mean, let’s remember here that an invitation, at its core, is mostly a piece of information – a way to provide your guests with the information they need, to properly navigate your wedding weekend. Now, that’s not to say that you can’t include some snazzy envelope liners, or maybe a scratch-off RSVP or maybe even a scratch-n-sniff invitation (man I wish I had a DIY tutorial link for THAT one!), but they aren’t really “Must Haves”. So here’s Carina to break those down for you instead.

Wedding Invitation Must Haves with Little Bird Creative

how to wedding invitations FAQs

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Couples often have questions about which stationery items they need for their wedding invitation suite. More and more you see accommodation information, maps, and other cards communicating every detail with guests. Lots of couples enjoy adding envelope liners, folders, etc. You might receive invitations from friends and feel compelled to follow suit, but you really only need a few pieces of elegant stationery to communicate the wedding details to your family and friends.

Here’s a list of “must haves” and what they should communicate. The simplest of wedding invitations should really only require an invite card, a reception card, and an RSVP card!

1. Wedding Invitation Card should be sure to include:

  • the names of the host(s) (either your parents or yourselves)
  • first names of the bride and groom (middle names optional and include your last names if you are also the hosts)
  • date and start time of the wedding
  • wedding ceremony venue name
  • wedding reception venue location (unless it’s the same as the ceremony venue)

how to wedding invitations FAQs

2. Reception Card:

This card is only necessary if the ceremony and reception will be held at different locations. Be sure to include the start time and address of the reception venue (zip code is not required).

how to wedding invitations FAQs

3. RSVP Card:

RSVP cards are the best way to collect the names and attendance numbers as well as the meal choice from guests, if necessary. Traditional suites will include a stamped envelope for guest to return the card, but for more casual weddings couples might use a RSVP postcard.

how to wedding invitations FAQs

It’s also a good rule of thumb to not forget to get Thank You notes too. If you order these with your invites, early on in the wedding planning process, then you will already have them on hand to use after showers and for early gift givers. A good stationery designer or associate will have additional resources to assist you with your specific etiquette needs.
Hard to believe, but that’s really ALL you need when it comes to your wedding invitations! Doesn’t that simplify things a bit!? A special thanks to Little Bird Creative for sharing today’s guest post!
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