A sweet Libby Hill Park engagement session today from A Lovely Photo. They sent in the adorable engagement session of Becky & Bonnie, two marine corp marathon runners that are planning a beautiful May wedding (at a working farm! can’t wait to see the pictures of that one!). They were all smiles during their session and I love all the different places and poses they did!

Becky & Bonnie’s Libby Hill Park Engagement Pictures in Richmond, VA

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Photographer: A Lovely Photo | Location: Libby Hill Park | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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From the photographer:

This couple is ridiculously adorable, and I am so very excited to share their engagement session with you! We ran around The Canal Walk and Libby Hill park, chatting and getting to know each other between shots. Becky and Bonnie are so much fun and compliment each other perfectly.

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How they met:

Bonnie and Becky met in the aisles of a well-loved grocery store in Foggy Bottom… where Bonnie was assigned to train Becky on her first day on the job. The two became fast friends working part-time at the grocery store while each finishing second degrees. They exchanged several mix-tapes and recipes, as each tried to figure out the best way to pursue the relationship outside the produce aisle. Finally, after a few months, Bonnie, who was training for her first marathon, mustered up the courage to invite Becky over to her apartment for a carbo-load after a twenty-mile run. Becky, eager to impress Bonnie, made a homemade vegan pizza that Bonnie still talks about today. They went on their first official date on Becky’s birthday a week later, and the rest is history.

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Click inside for the rest of Bonnie & Becky’s Libby Hill Park engagement pictures and proposal story!

The proposal story:

Bonnie and Becky had discussed that if they were ever to get engaged, they each wanted to propose. And in the spring of 2012, they both found ways to sneakily ascertain each other’s ring sizes, while independently planning proposals. Remarkably, they each managed to keep their plans secret from one another even though at one point, the two rings were hidden right next to each other, at Bonnie’s sister’s apartment! One fateful weekend in June, Bonnie and Becky packed their bags for a hiking weekend away. Becky had grand plans of proposing to Bonnie at the top of a mountain on a hike.. but Bonnie beat Becky to the punch. That morning, before even getting out of bed, Bonnie asked Becky to marry her. After 30 minutes or so of basking, Becky threw her elaborate proposal plan to the wind, and proposed to Bonnie in bed.

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A little sneak peak of their upcoming wedding:

Bonnie and Becky will be married at the Agricultural History Farm Park in Derwood, Maryland. They’re creating a unique, DIY, outdoorsy, vegan wedding to be attended by their closest friends and family.

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Congratulations Becky & Bonnie! Best of luck with your wedding planning. Thanks again to A Lovely Photo for sharing their images with us via Two Bright Lights!

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