Guys you are going to LOVE today’s DC wedding! It is a perfect mix of geeky and DIY and perfectly shows how to take a theme and turn it into a wedding! Dianne & William are both self-proclaimed geeks, as Dianne put it, “William loves math, and I love bad puns, we both love food. That led us to having a Pi day. April 13th is pi backwards 4.13” And, Pi is really pie – so boom, pi/pie theme is born. Everything was perfectly captured by one of our favorite DC wedding photographers, Maggie Winters Photography and just wait until you see all the other DIY details below!

Oh and warning, this wedding feature will most likely make you HUNGRY. The shots of pizza and pie are making me salivate and it’s not even 10am!

Dianne & William’s Offbeat, Pi Day Themed DC Wedding at Hillyer Art Space

offbeat geeky DC wedding pi day theme hillyer art space


Photographer: Maggie Winters | Venue: Hillyer Art Space | Catering: Pizza from Home Made Pizza Co in Del Ray! | Banners: DIY | Beer: Home brewed | Invitations: Maggie Winters

How they met:

[His side] I didn’t know what I wanted. I was surfing from couch to couch, playing as many board games and RPG’s as possible. I had a newly printed masters degree, and didn’t want to work anymore. I’d been from California to New York, and DC was right after those two. I was staying with family, Aunt Rebecca and Uncle John. Good people — didn’t kick me out even after three months.

The next step would have been North Carolina, but I met this girl. This life changing, wonderful, beautiful, kick ass, amazing, totally ridiculously competitive and challenging girl. Which girl? Dianne. Of course.

offbeat geeky bride dc

I met this girl, and everything was different. I didn’t buy the next train ticket; I told my friends I wouldn’t be coming to NC. Instead, I explored a city — art, spy, and newseums — with a girl. I found a job; I got an apartment. I gave up my peripatetic lifestyle and settled down.

Because of Dianne. We met over boardgames and fell in love on King Street.


[Um a metro and map origami flower bouquet?! YES!]

[Her side] I was just deciding to make a life in DC. I had my first real job, thanks in part to my brother and sister. As I was starting to make a life for myself, a coworker, friend and office mate, Janna, convinced me to try out “meetup”. She had tried out a board game meetup, later to be called the AARGGH. I went, and there I found an amazing group of people. And my William.

offbeat dc nerdy groom cufflinks

We flirted over our first game together, Settlers of Catan. Before leaving, he made sure to get my email address. He emailed me the next day, and it was a week before we saw each other again.

Over the next few weeks and months we went on dates. These were often poorly planned — our first date was at the Portrait Gallery when the spy museum was sold out — but somehow, each date worked out.

offbeat light blue engagement ring

Uh I LOVE Dianne’s nontraditional engagement ring!!

offbeat modern dc wedding invitationsoffbeat dc wedding ceremony hillyer art space

The touching vows? According to William they were finished the DAY of the wedding!

offbeat dc wedding ceremony hillyer art space offbeat washington dc wedding

Click inside for so much more of Dianne & William’s offbeat, Pi Day themed DC wedding at Hillyer Art Space!

offbeat dc wedding portraits offbeat dc wedding portraits offbeat dc wedding portraits offbeat dc wedding portraits offbeat nontraditional dc wedding party portraits

We had 1 hour to set up nothing more, on the day of. I had an idea what I wanted for table clothes but all I had done was bought the fabric. My bridesmaids and sisters took charge and measured and cut/ripped the fabric into tablecloths on-site. The banners were from a DIY kit.

DIY dc wedding pi day modern dc wedding favors offbeat dc wedding

On their “catering”:

Our favorite food and the only vegetarian food that no one complains about is pizza. Check. It is also a pie. Check. It won! And having 14 different flavors of dessert pies, allowed us to take everyone’s concerns into account, there were nut free. gluten free, dairy free, ect.

offbeat dc wedding pizza pi day

They had a Google+ Hangout live streaming for those unable to make it in person.

google+ hangout at weddingspizza pi day wedding dc

We home brewed some of the beer we served. And friends and family had to step up as bartender when ours had a family emergencies.

board games offbeat dc wedding

And now for MORE PIE!

pie day offbeat dc wedding pie day offbeat dc wedding pie day offbeat dc wedding

It looks like they had SO much fun, doesn’t it?!

offbeat dc wedding hillyer art gallery offbeat dc wedding hillyer art gallery offbeat dc wedding ceremony hillyer art space

Congratulations Dianne & William – thank you so much for sharing your awesome Pi Day themed wedding with us! A special thanks again to Maggie Winters Photography for sharing her images of this offbeat DC wedding!



  1. Your words around Maggie’s pictures of our friends and family are beautiful. This has become the post I use to tell people about our wedding.

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