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Happy Monday Romancers! Another weekend come and gone, and I almost can’t believe that my crazy month of October Weddings is at an end. I have just one left for my 2013 season. I can’t believe I survived my first year of wedding coordination. I think I’ll blog a “first year in wedding coordination” post at another time – but here are a few things I learned from my wedding this past weekend:

  • Wedding Crashers are a real thing! We had a group of people invite themselves into my wedding Saturday night. Walked right into the venue (it was in Adams Morgan after all), help themselves to drinks, and then started getting nutso on the dance floor! I can’t believe people actually do this. I have to admit though, I did feel pretty pumped after getting to kick them out!
  • Wear a t-shirt and sneakers for setup. For the budding wedding planner/coordinators out there. I finally learned to wear sneakers and a t-shirt while lugging boxes up 3 flights of stairs, and running around the venue getting everything decorated. I can’t believe I didn’t do this before. Previously I did setup in my “work” attire – which left my blouse a sweaty mess and my feet already barking before the wedding even started.
  • Guests suck at taking favors. This is more of a lesson learned for you wedding planning couples out there. Don’t kill yourselves over favors. They are a nice gesture, but at the end of the day, I can’t tell you how many get left at the venue. My couple this weekend got custom etched mason jars for everyone to drink from AND take home. Guess how many were leftover at the end of the night — causing yours truly and my husband to re-pack and re-lug them back down stairs and into our car. Keep your favors easy, simple, or make it even better and just go the donation route!

So onto today’s wedding music song suggestion. This one comes to us from Frank Hamilton and it’s called “All or Nothing”. It’s a cute little indie song that would be perfect for your cocktail hour playlist or for a wedding slideshow or your wedding video.


And when the days fall short and nights get cold
Growing up’s like growing old
We both need something real to hold
So lets make do

And I want you
While there’s air in my lungs and feet in my shoes
I want you
I want you

Let’s get this week started! Check back this afternoon for an awesome DC engagement session!


  1. In relation to wedding favors for my own wedding I ordered lightup ice cubes in a color that matched our decor and uplighting that were put into drinks at the bar printed with a logo with our names and date extracted from our wedding invitations. At the end of the night people were asking for more and they were all gone and I found out afterwards some guests were hoarding them to take them home. I have never seen them at another wedding, but from my experience they were a hit and well worth the money spent.

    1. Thanks Brad – I def think if you find something useful (like the ice cubes) people will take them – but I also think they need to be small enough to fit in a pocket or small purse, as most guests don’t bring huge bags. Especially if there is an after party – no one wants to truck heavy/big favors to an after party …

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