Short, sweet, and right to the point with today’s blog post. Today we are sharing a beautiful love story wedding video from Movntain, a Maryland based videography company (that serves DC!). Movntain produces documentary and narrative style wedding films. Not sure what that means? Well then let’s have them explain:

We know that different people have different stories to tell, making them all unique and original. Movntain wants to take those stories and mold them into creative films. We offer quality, timeless films to provide nostalgia for you and loved ones for such instances as weddings, memorials, anniversaries, or anything else you wish to salvage and watch for years to come.

Movntain is a collective made up of friends and family. We believe in quality products that viewers can be moved by.

For today, we have a beautiful video they filmed, capturing the love story of Brian and Kim. The two met in high school and their love story continued through moves and stretches away from each other (Brian joined the Air Force). Check it all out below and have a fantastic weekend Romancers!

Brian & Kim’s High School Love Story Wedding Video

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The story of Brian and Kim started in 2007 when they met in high school. Brian had just moved to the area and couldn’t help but notice Kim in his neighborhood. After a few weeks of hanging out together, they began dating. Five exciting years passed of growing together and really getting to know one another when Brian proposed to Kim. The next year, Brian graduated from college and was commissioned into the Air Force. Soon after these big accomplishments in his life, he would marry his best friend of six years.

This is their story.

Rose, Bud, Thorn – Short Version from Movntain on Vimeo.


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