This blog post begins with one of my favorite activities – internet creeping. Only in this instance, I actually wasn’t doing the creeping (for once), someone at Andy’s job was. A couple weeks ago, Andy sends me this:

The guy who shot the marketing videos for us (Greg) is engaged.  Greg and his fiance were hanging out with my coworker Aaron this weekend, and Aaron somehow mentioned my name.  Greg’s fiance recognized my name from your blog and was freaking out that she had a connection to you and apparently was saying how she can’t even look at your blog or social media anymore because she thinks you’re too cool and that their wedding won’t be nearly as good as ours.  Hahah.  Just thought I’d share.

Internet stalking is SO AWESOME. But, Becky is 100% wrong. I am NOT at all too cool and their wedding will CERTAINLY be just as good (if not better) than ours. Want proof? Well I’ve got it – these love birds shot an amazing Save the Date video for their upcoming Washington, DC wedding and you guys are going to love it. I certainly did :)

Becky & Gre’s Washington DC Wedding Save the Date Video

washington-dc-engagement-photos-becky-and-greg (1)

[Leo Druker Photography]

Becky shares the deets on their save the date video:

I have been a wedding blog junkie for pretty much the entirety of our relationship, and have watched/cried to a number of wedding videos featuring couples who I’ve never met in my entire life.  Greg of course finds this extremely bizarre, but too bad – I love them and that will never change.  When getting estimates for my own wedding video, which I was absolutely set on having, I realized that the cost for such a thing was so astronomically out of my budget, it was never going to happen.  With my heart crushed, I started thinking of other ideas, and then remembered…oh yea, my future husband is a pretty fantastic videographer/editor…maybe we have something here!

We decided to make a save-the-date video and use it as the homepage on our website, which we listed on the postcards our guests received with the wedding announcement.  As we started storyboarding, we came up with the idea of waking up on our wedding day and collecting our bridal party throughout the city.  We meet at the Carnegie Institution for Science at the end, which is where we are getting married this December, and where I work as a Special Events Coordinator.

We enlisted the help of a friend, who graciously shot the groom’s scenes, while Greg filmed me with my bridesmaids and edited everything together.  The video turned out better than I ever could have imagined, and it was so much fun to make with our friends, all of whom we love so much.  Now we have this memory captured on film that we can watch and cherish for years to come (I’ve watched it easily 50 times already).  It’s also a great way for us to set the tone for our wedding, and a lot of our guests have already reached out to tell us how excited they are for December!

What do you think? Do you guys love it just as much as I do!? The song is just PERFECT! Check back this afternoon for the full set of their awesome DC engagement session from Leo Druker Photography.


  1. I am totally biased as one of the bridesmaids (how great is my apartment view?!), but it is still so awesome! Yay #hudwillwed!

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