Today’s real Maryland wedding has everything I look for in submissions: a personalized ceremony and reception, a bride in chucks, DIY details made by the bride’s mom, mismatched bridesmaids, and so many fun, original details all based on things that were meaningful to the couple. Kim & Brandon picked a venue, color scheme, and details all based on decisions that were dear to their hearts and personalities. Add all this to the gorgeous weather they had at their completely outdoor wedding (no tent! gutsy.) and you’ll see why I had so much trouble narrowing down today’s wedding feature to under 35 pictures! Thanks to Voula Trip Photography for the images!

Kim & Brandon’s DIY Maryland wedding at Woodlawn Manor

offbeat maryland wedding bride in chucks


Photographer:  Voula Trip Photography | Linens and Coverings: Gaithersburg Party Rental | Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Men’s Warehouse | Officiant: Seneca Creek Community Church | Photo Booth: Silly Shotz | Makeup Artist: Blend Event | Cake Designer: Caked Up | DJ: DJ Tim Dogg | Event Planner: Weddings By Tanzi | Venue: Woodlawn Manor | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

How they met:

Kim and Brandon met at a church youth event. Kim was in the kitchen helping with clean-up when she was introduced to Brandon. We didn’t make a big deal of it then but we eventually became friends. It was an accidental “date” for movies and froyo (our friends blew us off because of other plans) that we realized we had something worth exploring further. A few months later, over Pho, Brandon told Kim about his growing feelings for her. We decided to put our all in discovering the potential of our relationship and the rest is history! We quickly discovered each other’s passions, strengths, weaknesses, and faith and quickly become inseparable.

stunning black bride offbeat DIY paper flower bouquet

The proposal:

The day Brandon got the ring, Kim was stopping by his place for dinner. He made a delicious meal and could hardly wait for her to finish it to pop the question! Despite being in the privacy of his home, he was still very nervous. Kim said “yes! of course!”. She really appreciated the moment being just between them two since she’s not a big fan of being the center of attention when sharing intimate moments like this.

DIY offbeat paper flower bouquet offbeat groom custom van sneakers DIY paper flower boutonniere

Kim and Brandon were all smiles throughout the whole day. They were so excited to get married to each other that their joy just shines through in their images.

offbeat intimate woodlawn manor maryland wedding

Click inside for SO MUCH MORE of Kim & Brandon’s intimate, DIY Maryland wedding at Woodlawn Manor.

offbeat intimate woodlawn manor maryland wedding

How much do I love these mismatched bridesmaids in yellow, floral prints, and hot coral?! (Answer: A lot)

mismatched bridesmaids offbeat intimate woodlawn manor maryland wedding offbeat intimate woodlawn manor maryland wedding

During the ceremony and reception, to honor the memory of the Groom’s parents that had passed they dedicated a chair with a boutonniere and a corsage to them and all the other family members that were no longer with them.

DIY paper flower offbeat wedding corsage DIY maryland wedding details outdoor maryland wedding ceremony woodlawn manor


They decided to have their reception on the front lawn of Woodlawn Manor. They had games for guest to play. They also had areas where guests could leave them a note of advice for their new marriage together and Date night suggestions. For dessert they had a traditional southern sweet potato cake and a table full of other sweets for the guest to enjoy.

outdoor maryland wedding venue

On their venue selection:

We wanted to get married outdoors so we checked out local parks. Woodlawn Manor is a Montgomery County park property that popped up in our Google search and was the first place we checked out. The scenery was amazing and it had a home-y feel that we wanted our small group of guests to experience. We wanted it to feel like we were celebrating our union in our backyard.

outdoor maryland wedding venue

 All the decor, from the bridal bouquet, the boutonnieres, to the arrangements on the tables was all handmade by the mother of the bride. The mother of the bride spent months planning and making all the details and made countless trip to Michaels for supplies. Kim said, “What really helped accomplish that at-home feel was my mom’s decor. She handmade almost everything (bouquets, signs, floral arrangements, wreaths, etc.) and personalized the decor perfectly.”

DIY maryland wedding details DIY maryland wedding details DIY paper flower wedding centerpieces DIY coral teal bride groom signs DIY maryland wedding details modern silouette wedding cake DIY modern outdoor maryland wedding DIY modern outdoor maryland wedding DIY modern outdoor maryland wedding

Congratulations Kim & Brandon! Thank you for sharing your beautiful, DIY outdoor Maryland wedding with us! A special thanks again to Voula Trip Photography for sharing her images via Two Bright Lights.



  1. a) that dress with those shoes is fantastic. I’m not one for large/long traditional bridal gowns (at least on me), but I would wear the heck out of that outfit. (I better hurry up and figure out what I *will* wear, or else I’m going to just keep wanting ALL THE DRESSES.)

    b) I am beyond impressed with the florals. Really, I’m beyond impressed with the bride’s mom. They are beautiful, sophisticated, modern, and look incredibly professional. The time and detail that clearly went into them shows how much she cares for her daughter.

    1. Ashlee – everything you said! The dress AND florals. I for one am not into big/long/traditional wedding dresses either, but I have to admit that this one really had me oggling!

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