Happy hump day Romancers! We are up first thing with a beautifully crafted “Hollywood”-style film that Fine HD Memories has shared with us regarding the importance of wedding videography. I for one have witnessed first hand that it seems wedding videos are the first thing to drop off  wedding wish lists when budgets get tight – and I wish that this wasn’t the case!

I know they are expensive, but I still urge my clients (and you, my readers!) to reconsider! As nothing can really replace being able to see, hear, and re-experience your wedding day, like watching your wedding video. You might not appreciate it just a year or so after – but I can’t tell you how many times I have watched my wedding video since our wedding almost 3 years ago! It takes you right back to your wedding day like nothing else – plus seeing video footage of all your best friends and family is just something you cannot put a price tag on – especially when some of those family and friends might have passed on.

[a screen grab from my own wedding video, courtesy of Tim Alan Smith Videography]

Any way, enough from me – let’s get to this video! Fine HD Memories explains, “We recently produced a “Hollywood” style film under 6 minutes about a couple who wishes they had hired a professional cinematographer but didn’t. We hope it’s educational and looks more filmic than other wedding cinematography videos.”

Why would you need Wedding Cinematography? from Christian Villatoro on Vimeo.

So what do you think Romancers? Are you still going to forego the wedding video? Or for past brides & grooms, do you regret not having a wedding video? Let us know below!


  1. We didn’t have a professional videographer, but my husband’s uncle is a camera man for NCAA football and volunteered to tape the wedding for us. He had a great time (he even wore his press pass, haha) but over a year later, I still haven’t seen any footage. I wish we had had the budget to hire one, in retrospect, but i’m not devastated over it. Hopefully we’ll get the footage eventually! And if not, well–we have our pictures, and we have our memories, and that’s enough. :)

  2. I knew I wanted a wedding video, but I didn’t want the traditional boring, ‘have to fast forward to all the good parts’ type of video. I wanted something fun and sharable. I got exactly that. The company that filmed our wedding (Border Row Productions) did a great job capturing the feel and excitement of our wedding day. I didn’t have to fast forward through anything. I love watching and sharing our video with friends and family. After our video I truly believe being able to not only look at our pictures but watch the whole day from getting ready, to saying vows, to partying at the reception is worth the extra cost in your budget.

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