Add Kimie from IYQ Photography to the long list of people I have met online, that I am DYING to meet in person. Our email exchanges are always fun and she hands down sends me some of my favorite features to date. Today’s snowy love shoot is no different.

This shoot at Libby Hill Park in Richmond, VA, has all the makings of a Capitol Romance feature fave: the adorable dog, the snowy weather, and a gorgeous couple SO full of love and laughter.  I know you all will enjoy Shawnee & Robyn’s snowy love shoot just as much as I do. A special thanks again to IYQ Photography for the images [submitted via Two Bright Lights].

Robyn & Shawnee’s Snowy, Richmond Virginia Love Shoot at Libby Hill Park

How they met:

Shawnee and I actually met on okcupid. I made a profile a few years ago but never took meeting anyone on it seriously. But when she messaged me I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet her! She messaged me on valentines day of last year. We started talking and realized we had a bunch of mutual friends and decided to meet. It was peaceful and honest. She swept me off my feet! We hung out for a few weeks, until one weekend she planned a camping trip for the two of us in the Shenandoah mountains. March 19,2012 is the day she asked me to go steady!

What they love most about each other:

Shawnee: The first thing I noticed about Robyn was her incredible smile. It is very sincere and her eyes light up when she is truly happy, which I hope will be for many years to come with me. My favorite thing about her is that she can make me laugh in any circumstance. It’s impossible to have a bad day when she is around. She makes me incredibly happy.

Robyn: Shawnee’s eyes! They grabbed me the first time I saw her. What I love the most about Shawnee? What’s not to love!? She is the kindest, gentlest and most honest person I know. From the very beginning I have felt invincible with her. I felt no matter what life throws at us we have the strength to go through it together. For the first time in my life I saw true beauty; inside and out!

Click inside for the rest of this adorable love shoot, including the proposal story!

The proposal:

Shawnee and I got engaged December, 15th, 2012. That morning we planned to meet my sister and nephew at Maymont Park. We walked into the entrance where I expected to see them but they were nowhere to be found. As we kept walking I noticed a picnic set up beside a tree and thought to myself, “What a cute picnic someone is having.” We kept walking and it wasn’t until we were five feet from the “cute picnic” I realized that picnic was for us. That is when Shawnee asked me to marry her! I started tearing up and said, “Of course!” followed by, “I was going to ask you. Your ring should be here today!” About that time my sister popped her head from behind the tree. She took a few pictures and then left us alone. The picnic was wonderful! She had a frame leaned up against the tree with “Me and You Stuck Like Glue” printed on it and a basket with champagne, cheese and bread. Perfect!

Congratulations Shawnee & Robyn ~ your love story & snow filled love shoot was one of my favorite features so far this year! A special thanks again to IYQ Photography & Two Bright Lights for making this Northern Virginia feature possible!


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