Posting is light today due to some other, vastly more important things going on in our wonderful country [and specifically, right here in our beautiful city!]. It’s a bit crazy to think that I could probably walk outside my house and HEAR the inauguration festivities occurring. Sometimes I think I take for granted how cool it is to live in Washington, DC especially during events like this.

So, with my twitter feed up and my TV on non-stop inauguration coverage, I’ll take a few minutes to share a really cute/fun engagement session from East Port Photography, submitted via Two Bright Lights. The couple opted for a James Bond inspired shoot, with some drama & fun inside Red Red Wine Bar in Annapolis, MD.

Jess & Chris’ Offbeat, James Bond Inspired Engagement Session in Maryland

 From the photographer:

Sexy. Glamorous. Dangerous. Cutesy engagement photos in the park are nice, but Jess and Chris tossed that idea aside in exchange for something more dramatic and theatrical. With the recent release of Skyfall, the couple and I concocted a James Bond-esque inspired photo shoot. We found a faux Walther PPK gun to resemble James Bond’s and shot at Red Red Wine Bar in Annapolis, which is gorgeously decorated with chandeliers and overscaled upholstered furniture.


A special thanks again to East Port Photography & Two Bright Lights for making this offbeat Maryland engagement session possible.

Now go enjoy the history being made! Happy Inauguration Day 2013!

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