Lauren is a beach bum at heart, loves to travel [even recently as far as Thailand and Cambodia], and loves to sing. Jake is a native Minnesotan, who moved to DC in 2006 to pursue a career in forest policy [cool!] and enjoys any concert that entails 80s Hair Bands [yes!]. They met over quoting from Anchorman. Jake wrote the first half and Lauren finished the quote. Since then, they have been completing each others sentences ever since.

Thanks to Eastport Photography & Two Bright Lights for this adorable dockside Maryland engagement session!

 Lauren & Jake’s Dockside, Gone Fishin’ Maryland Engagement Session

The Proposal Story:

It was a Friday night in South Bethany Beach.  After dinner, at about 9pm, Jake suggested we take a walk on the beach. It had just stormed and the waves were so gigantic, you could hear them crashing from down the street. As Jake held my hand, I wondered why he was squeezing so hard. He also seemed distracted which was quite unlike Jake. He then suggested we walk onto the sand and made our way to the spot I’ve frequented since childhood.

He wanted to stop and asked me to put my flip flops down. Puzzled, I obliged. After grabbing my hands and saying some amazingly lovely things, outlining the course of our relationship, Jake got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

I was so utterly shocked that he had gotten down on one knee and could not believe what was happening; I had to double check, “Jake are you asking me to marry you”? To which he replied, “YES LAUREN”. Of course, I said YES!!

Just as Jake put the ring on my finger, a giant wave crashed, water barreling towards us. As we were getting soaked and our flip flops were washing away, Jake kept saying, “the ring Lauren, don’t lose the ring”! It was as memorable as it was comical. With ring and flips flops in hand, we paused for a moment to “soak” in the moment and then headed back to the beach house to call our families!!

Congratulations Lauren & Jake! Thank you for sharing your beautiful proposal story and engagement session with us. A special thanks again to Eastport Photography & Two Bright Lights for making this submission possible!


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