Happy Thursday! It’s almost the freakin’ weekend! Can you stand it?! I am off of the “day job” tomorrow, but I’ll be sure to have a sweet inspiration post up for all my readers while I am off finishing errands for the Bachelorette!

This morning I have an adorable Washington DC engagement session to share. And this afternoon I have some sweet metallic wedding invitation inspiration to share from a real bride that sent hers in!

First, let’s meet Meghan and Joshua.

 Now for more pictures and their love story! A special thanks to Solas Studios & Two Bright Lights for making this DC engagement feature possible!

Josh and Meghan both spent their childhoods dreaming about studying abroad in Scotland. Both have Scottish ancestors, so the country always felt special, a place they knew they were supposed to visit.

So in January 2007, the then strangers – Josh, a junior at Georgetown University, and Meghan, a junior at James Madison University – boarded airplanes to the United Kingdom for a spring semester abroad at the University of St Andrews.

 St Andrews chartered a bus to pick study-abroad students up at the airport and drop them off at their respective residence halls, so when the bus pulled up to University Hall, both Meghan and Josh got up from their seats.

“Go ahead,” Josh said to Meghan, gesturing for her to step into the aisle in front of him.

“No you go ahead,” Meghan responded, smiling at the cute boy to whom she was instantly attracted.

“No, you go,” Josh said, gesturing Meghan forward and reaching to help her with her bag.

Josh and Meghan became quick friends. From that day through the rest of the study abroad semester, they were best buddies and travel mates. Enjoying the freedom and novelty that comes with living in a different country at the ages of 20 and 21, the two embraced the full adventure, traveling every moment they could.

They backpacked through Amsterdam, Greece, France, England, Ireland and the wilderness of Scotland together, sometimes with other friends and sometimes with just each other.

Click inside for the rest of Meghan & Joshua’s DC engagement session by Solas Studios ~ including the rest of their love story AND the proposal!

Although their relationship was platonic at the time, a deep bond grew unlike any that they’d ever felt with anyone else in their life. Meghan loved how Josh made her laugh so hard she’d collapse in hysterical hiccups. Josh loved how Meghan forced him to introspect, by digging deep into his character and asking him the kinds of questions that has brought her success in her journalism career.

The semester abroad ended and both Meghan and Josh returned to the U.S. for the summer. Meghan and Josh had parted ways in Scotland as just friends, but quickly missed each other. They wrote emails and sent texts often.

Senior year began and Meghan returned to JMU in Virginia, while Josh started classes in D.C., two hours away. The two kept in close contact and visited each other, both aware of this love that was growing but too shy to mess with such a strong friendship. By spring semester that had changed, and the two became a couple, en route to a strong and wonderful relationship with a strong foundation rooted in a deep friendship.

The proposal!

Josh proposed to Meghan in November 2011 in his home state of Rhode Island. The couple was taking one of their regular “photo safari” walks, which involves snapping photos of nature in new settings.

As the sun began to set, Josh asked Meghan if she’d take his photo with the colorful backdrop. As Meghan began snapping photos she saw Josh – through the viewfinder–take a box out of his camera bag and drop to one knee. He’d set everything up for her to document the special moment forever.

Josh and Meghan will officially make life a shared adventure on November 10, 2012, in her hometown of Fayetteville, N.Y.

Congratulations Meghan & Josh – thank you for sharing your DC engagement pictures and love story with us! A special thanks to Solas Studios & Two Bright Lights for making this feature possible!

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