Purple is such a fabulous color – it’s no wonder that it seems to be an absolute favorite among couples for weddings.  Almost any shade of the color is gorgeous, and it looks good on almost any skin tone and hair color. Whenever a purple themed wedding is sent my way ~ I almost always accept it – there is just something intoxicating about it! Such was the case with Dorothy & Brandon’s modern, purple wedding, shot by Darling Photographers [submitted via Two Bright Lights].

Dorothy & Brandon had a gorgeous wedding and incorporated not only a ton of purple details, but fun details from their background & ethnicity as well! Beautiful paper cranes (made from shiny purple paper)  and chop stick favors! There is a lot to love in this Rockville, MD wedding feature ~ and tons of purple details to inspire more purple wedding planners ;).

[Hair & makeup provided by Alison Harper & Company]

Dorothy & Brandon’s Modern, Purple Rockville, MD Wedding

How they met [the groom’s perspective]:

I was staying in DC over the summer after finishing my first year of law school at Howard University. I was on the board of the DC Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL). I decided that I would help volunteer with the setup of the DC Chapter picnic. I got up early and headed out there not really knowing what to expect. I was on the Chicago Chapter board while I was in college, and from previous experiences, I expected there to be nobody my age.

From a distance, I see these two girls head towards the picnic site. I see they’re carrying some stuff, and in one of my less chivalrous moments, I still decide to chat with folks that are already there instead of rushing over asking if they needed any help. One of two was Dorothy, and the other was her sister, Kate.

 While talking to Kate and her sister I noticed how easy it was to talk to Dorothy. I learned a lot about her in that short time. I remember thinking how beautiful she was. However, looking back, there wasn’t any intention on my part to try to date Dorothy. I simply was happy to know that there were younger individuals involved in some capacity with the DC Chapter.

 When I left the picnic that day, I wasn’t quite sure whether I would ever see Dorothy again. Fourth of July weekend follows a couple weeks later and I was in my apartment on my computer when a chat window pops up on my Facebook account. It was Dorothy asking what I was up to. I told her that I was in my apartment and was going to head out to Dupont Circle to get some ice cream.

Click inside for the rest of the picture from Brandon & Dorothy’s modern, purple Rockville, MD wedding feature!

We finally decided to get together right as I’m about to leave to take the bar exam in Illinois and start my career in Chicago. But in the end, and after all is said and done, the happy, head-over-heels love that I feel when I’m with Dorothy was definitely worth its weight in gold and then some!

love the origami, paper crane escort card holders!

the darling paper cranes with the shiny paper!

paper crane cake topper! love!

haha omg this groomsmen shot reminds me of a 90s boy band? RIGHT!?

  a first dance until that ultra-modern chandelier? well ok!

 “we did” on the bottom of the bride’s shoes :) adorable!

Congratulations Dorothy & Brandon! A special thanks again to Darling Photographers & Two Bright Lights for making this modern, purple Rockville, MD wedding feature possible!




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