Zoe & Kenyon’s Northern Virginia wedding has many Capitol Romance elements involved ~ the bride did her own hair & makeup, wore a white dress with black details, made almost everything 100% DIY, AND included one of my favorite non-traditional elements: SHE proposed to HIM!

Their wedding was a beautiful, multi-cultural affair that was extremely intimate [only 15 people on the entire guest list!], but still beautifully designed and wonderfully personal. Proving again that small budgets can still yield gorgeous weddings. Thanks to Charo Photo [submitted via Two Bright Lights] for this beautiful, offbeat Northern Virginia wedding submission!

Zoe & Kenyon’s Intimate, Non-traditional Northern Virginia Wedding

For more photos & a TON of inside details from Zoe on their love story, wedding planning and details, hope on over to Poptastic Bride’s feature!

From Charo Photo:

This is one of those weddings I won’t forget. Almost 100% DIY (I was the only vendor aside from the hotel), multi-cultural, intimate, limited-budget, 30-something couple… with so much emotion, laughter, hope for the future… so freaking great. Even with her small budget and a very short engagement, Zoe pulled details together that were adorable, and appropriate for the 15-person guestlist and the setting.

now THIS is a “first-look, groom’s reaction shot” if i have ever seen one!

Click inside for the rest of Zoe & Kenyon’s beautiful, intimate small-budget Northern Virginia wedding ~ including the touching proposal.

Even Charo’s fiance [who shoots with her] said to Charo during the wedding ~ his observation of how amazing small, intimate weddings can be:

It comes across very accessible. “This. THIS is what we can do! It’s not outrageous, but it looks gorgeous… and everyone is happy.”

the officiant is using an iPad – omg I love this!

The proposal story:

There is a great story behind this wedding – Zoe’s son suffered a sudden illness a few months ago, during which Kenyon stood by Zoe’s side the entire time Ben was hospitalized, caring as much about the boy as if he was his own… and that was when Zoe realized that life is short… standing around waiting for the right time to do what you want just results in never doing what you want! So SHE proposed to HIM, which is *awesome*. And, obviously, he said yes :).

in love with Zoe’s GORGEOUS & super unique diamond engagement ring!

love the shawls Zoe & her bridesmaid are donning

in love with these final two shots of the new “family” all together ~ so much love and happiness and happy to hear that while Zoe & Kenyon are left with hospital bills, Ben is recovered from his illness :)

Congratulations Zoe & Kenyon! Thank you so much for sharing your offbeat, intimate Northern Virginia wedding in Alexandria with us! A special thanks again to Charo Photo & Two Bright Lights for making this submission possible!



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