Today I am taking a passenger’s seat to the blog posting and letting my graphic designer, [and friend and wedding photographer extraordinaire!] Traci take the wheel. She attended Borrowed with me last weekend and was there to capture some amazing shots of my booth setup, my talk on DIY Weddings, and some of the interactions I had with attendees. She also got to take full advantage of a room of amazingly creative wedding vendors, as she got engaged the night before the show!!!!!!!!!! [Congrats again girl <3]

So, take it away Tracy!

Borrowed was such an incredible experience for me, I don’t even know where to begin! It was just such a fun, exciting day for me in so many ways- as Capitol Romance’s graphic designer, a photographer, a wedding enthusiast – and as of two days before the event – a newly engaged bride!

Since about November, Bree and I have been teaming up to come up with the new logo that you’re now seeing live on the blog. It’s been a labor of love, and while we hit some potholes, I was so excited and humbled to be a part of the process. So when I showed up at Borrowed and saw things like this:

and this:

Because… well, these were things that had (up until then) been only alive on my computer screen. When Bree sent me a text telling me the biz cards and tattoos were in, a few days before Borrowed, I nearly drove off the side of the road I was so pumped (so much for eyes on the road, right?)!

Just look at Jillian, rocking a Capitol Romance tattoo!

But more than my own ego-stroking, I just loved being around other vendors in the industry. There were so many amazing details and vendors- the ladies who threw the event put so much into the presentation and organization of the day! I was so impressed and inspired by everyone’s creativity in their booths, displaying their products, everything!

 So awesome.

But let’s be real, I was there for Bree and Capitol Romance. And let me tell you, pictures do not do her awesome booth justice! In my non-biased opinion, her booths was one of the best as far as creativity and commitment to her company’s brand. Her take on her booth was very industrial and grungy, yet she managed to make it romantic, in featuring pieces from her own wedding! Loyal readers, do you recognize this?

The table had tons more exciting things as well- her wedding album, her invitations, the hair piece she wore… it was so neat to see the items I’ve been reading about in person!

I absolutely adored these lights…

This was the coolest idea, using a ladder to promote the features she’s posted on the blog, like the Bridal shoot and the Harry Potter Wedding!

About 2:00, Bree headed up to the stage to give her talk on how to pull off a DIY Wedding. Complete with Powerpoint slides, she gave the room the basics on why a DIY wedding was possible and economical – things I was excited to learn myself!

I’ve got to be honest, guys – Bree is one awesome chick. [*this is bree … and side note: this is very hard to read ~ Trey! You are making me blush hardcore*]

I am completely and totally honest in saying – she is the real deal. Just listening to how she connected with the brides and browsers coming up to her booth, seeing her hang with her fellow vendors and friends, was so inspiring to me as a human being and a business owner. She was so full of energy and smiles that day – I hope she had as much fun as I was having, just watching her in her element! [*bree again: yes, I had a BLAST!!*]

I mean, really, any girl that can look that stylish in a mustache is a real winner.

If you can’t tell from my gushing and the photos – Borrowed was such a one-of-a-kind wedding event that I am SO thrilled I got to be a part of. Hopefully some of you got to experience it for yourself!

Thank you SO MUCH Traci for recapping Borrowed, my booth & my DIY Weddings talk! I had an absolute blast that day ~ and I really hope to experience more Borroweds in the future.  I also couldn’t thank you enough for being there with me that day and for ALL the help you have given me over these past few months designing the new logo/biz cards/etc. You rock my world!




  1. Bree your booth looks so awesome! I’m still so bummed I couldn’t make it. Next year I’m planning waaaay ahead and will have that thing marked off on my calendar as soon as the date is out. Loved your temorary tattoos!

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