People come in all shapes and sizes, ages and colors, religions and beliefs – as a wedding blogger, I try my hardest to represent couples, and consequently their weddings, from all of these different areas.

That is why I am always happy when photographers send me weddings that don’t always fit the standard/same-old/photocopied weddings & couples some wedblogs feature.  As an older bride & groom, such is the case with the beautiful Haymarket, Virginia wedding that Stephanie Leigh Photo Design dropped in my Two Bright Lights inbox a few weeks ago!

Love & affection pouring out of pictures is insanely more important to me, than the appearance of a couple! Now check out some seriously infectious love & happiness coming at you!

Jen & Fred’s Virginia Farm Wedding

Photographer, Stephanie, shares:

Jen & Fred are an awesome couple! I knew from the first time we met how much fun their wedding would be. And tt was everything I thought it would be and more.

Jen was a beaming bride. She wore the most beautiful headpiece and added sparkling blue earrings for her something blue.

The ceremony took place just before sunset. They really put their own twist into their vows, funny, sweet, and romantic all mixed together. After the ceremony we had the perfect light to capture some truly romantic and beautiful shots of just the two of them! What a wonderful wedding!!

Any bride, no matter her age, that can rock a pixie cut like that, is just A-OK with me!


how beautiful is this intimate, outdoor wedding ceremony space?

 Click inside for the rest of Jen & Fred’s offbeat Virginia farm wedding!

this shot is my FAVORITE!

 Congratulations Jen & Fred – thank you for sharing your Virginia farm wedding with us! Another thank you so much Stephanie Leigh Photo Design & Two Bright Lights for this feature!



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