This morning’s “Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck” modern wedding song suggestion comes from my fabulous graphic design intern, Trey [aka Traci J Brooks Photography]. At one of our Starbucks meetings a few weekends ago, Trey mentioned Iron & Wine’s “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” song – saying it was insanely romantic, and perfect for a wedding … and that she was in love with this song/wanted it for her own someday wedding way before Twilight made it “cool”.

Yes, you might actually recognize this song [though maybe not by name, as I didn’t] but for those that have seen Twilight, the song will probably sound familiar.

“I cut my long baby hair
Stole me a dog-eared map
And called for you everywhere”

The lyrics aren’t the most directly wedding related. They are poetic to the point that I feel like they fly right over my head. I mean I don’t even get the name of the song really. However, the instrumental portion – well, it’s INSANELY romantic [just as Trey promised], and really it’s so painfully amorous that you could probably be saying anything for lyrics over these notes, and I’d still want to be instantly slow-dancing with the love of my life, locked in with arms & starry-eyed gazing.

So what do you think? Even if Bella, Edward, & teenage vampire angst aren’t your thing, I think you’d have to agree that this would make a beautiful modern first dance song, or ceremony processional song. Thoughts?

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  1. It’s SO beautiful and I LOVE Iron & Wine, but I have to admit that any song used in the Twilight movies actually kind of loses it’s cool factor for me. Even though I like them (I actually read the books before all the world went crazy over them – I’m dorky like that.) But anything that becomes crazy popular has this affect on me where I stop liking it. I’m weird. BUT I still think the song is super gorgeous. And your comment about the lyrics is hilarious. I don’t really get them either.

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