Every now and then I get a feature via Two Bright Lights and I just fall in love. This gorgeous, intimate Virginia wedding courtesy of Julie Napear Photography, has some of the most stunning wedding portraits I have seen in my inbox to date! I held on to this shoot for a while, as I was hoping to get more details from the couple, but alas, not everyone sits in front of a computer all day, like me, so the pictures will just have to speak for themselves.

And, don’t you worry your pretty little heads, they most certainly do.

Erin & Steve’s Intimate & Jovial Virginia Wedding

A bit from the wedding photographer, Ms. Julie Napear:

Erin is one of the most fun brides I’ve ever worked with! Our consultation, which usually lasts about 45 minutes, took at least twice that because we were gabbing half the time. Her wedding to Steve was also one of the few VERY small weddings I did this year — only about 16 people total. It was such an intimate affair, and the officiant got everyone who was there involved by passing around the rings. The ceremony was FULL of laughter, which made for a fun time and great pics :-) There are so many loving pictures between the two of them, but since Erin was dying to show off the spinning power of her dress, I took the two of them outside just before dark to get the shot of her spinning in front of the blue (soon to be storming) sky. Lastly, we ran out in the POURING rain to get one last shot before Erin & Steve headed off to their cottage at the Briar Patch Inn.

You can totally see from the pictures just how fun and full of laughter Erin & her family really are. I had a really tough time scaling back on this one – because each picture really just made me smile. Erin’s love of life and laughter literally emanates from the pictures and it’s hard not to feel instantly happier upon viewing them. Enjoy!
Hair Stylist:  Stephanie Novak Artistry
Floral Designer:  Flowers by Snellings

love her beautiful non-veil bridal up-do with the florals!

Click inside to see the rest of this beautiful, intimate Virginia wedding!

love the setup of this intimate wedding ceremony

cue love & laughter … SO much laughing happening in this ceremony, i wish i was there to witness this!

one of my favorite “We just got married” expressions & shots!

dreamy, this shot reminds me of a fairy tale!

i love how much body & twirl there is to Erin’s dress, that must have been SO much fun to dance in


ok, these next two are my favorite – best family portraits at a wedding. ever.

Congratulations Erin & Steve – you had a truly beautiful and touching wedding, that was so clearly on display in your gorgeous pictures. Thank you to Julie Napear Photography and Two Bright Lights for making this feature possible!




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