Hello Romancers!

We are BACK from Chicago … though now I am fighting a cold … so as I mentioned last week, posting will be light this week and mainly focused on reminiscing of my own wedding last year [I apologize in advance if you are sick of hearing about my own wedding … but when I told you I started this blog to attempt to cure my own post-wedding depression, well I wasn’t kidding … and sadly I don’t think I am cured yet … so sorry!]

For today‘s “Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck” post, I wanted to share the song we used for our first “flash dance” dance.

Andy & I cannot slow dance, so we decided to do a choreographed first dance AND have it be like a flash mob – wherein our wedding party, cousins, some friends, and even one of the photographers (!!) would join in at the different refrains.


We used Weezer‘s “If You’re Wondering If I Want You To (I Want You To)” as the song – the beat and stand-up bass are killer, plus we are Weezer fans. Guests absolutely loved the dance, song, and the end result was just incredible.

What do you think?? (Use the password: BreeAndy99 to view!)

Bree & Andy’s First Dance from TimAlanSmith on Vimeo.

 It is amazing what a detailed email, a youtube video of the moves, and some awesome friends and family can accomplish :)



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