This afternoon I have some wedding makeup trends and advice for the brides-to-be for fall and winter weddings! Suzanne Minksey, owner & Makeup Artist extraordinaire,  of Bridal Beauty Associates, LLC is here to share her expertise and insight!

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Makeup Trends for Fall and How to Incorporate Them into Your Wedding Timelessly

The one thing you don’t want 20 years or more down the road to think when you’re showing your wedding photos to kids, grandkids, and the like is “What was I thinking back then?”  You want your wedding day look to be classic and timeless, for it to emphasize how beautiful you are and the love between you and your husband, not the latest trends in clothing, hair or makeup.  But that doesn’t mean that you have to go with a boring look either.  You can take pieces of this and that in the fashion world to create a look that is perfect for you and the you years down the road, too.

Incorporating makeup trends into your everyday routine may seem pretty easy.  You look at the magazine images, online articles, and you copy them.  If they don’t work, that’s the beauty of makeup.  You wash it off before leaving the house- or some honest friend tells you how hideous that “cool” new shade of lip color isn’t so cool for you.  Blending that with your everyday routine for your wedding day to still stay true to yourself is a bit more complicated.  I suggest for most people to pick just one feature of your face and find a trend below that suits your personal style.  Some can even be paired together (graphic liner and red lips perhaps) but unless you want to be mistaken for a Vegas showgirl, keep your pairings to one simple trend (full natural brows) and one more dramatic trend (smokey bronze eyes.)

Trend #1: Bold lips

[pic via Keiko Lynn]

A good majority of brides opt as far from this trend as possible, preferring to keep their lips clear of lipstick that could rub off onto their newly married husband’s mouth (so not attractive in photos) or require constant touch ups.  But with a bevy of lip stains and all day colors out there whose formulas are improving at each new corner, this is actually a doable option for those with bold souls.  If you checked out the runway at Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Miu Miu, the models were sporting almost bare faces with vampy colors of bold reds, plums, and even some brighter orangey shades.  For a wedding though, keep it more to a stain, and keep it matte.  Too much shine combined with a lot of color is going to draw all the attention to your mouth and make your face look bottom heavy in photos. 

Trend #2: Smokey Eyes

[via Fancy Face Inc]

Every fall, smokey eyes comes back with a passion, and this year is no different.  However, the fresh new take on smokey eyes is a step back from the grey/black combos and heavy liner (a la typical Kim Kardashian style) and more subtle with metallic shades of bronze, gold, silver, purple, and even khaki green.  Keeping the color concentrated to the lid from the lashline up to the crease (but not over!) will create an intensity that doesn’t compete with the rest of your features.  Purple liner with a bronze smokey eye is a hot color combo that really makes brown eyes pop.  Pair purple shadow with a khaki liner for instant wow for green eyes.  Silver lids with a gunmetal liner looks great with blue eyes.  Just be sure to keep the brow bone a matte color the same shade as your skin tone to keep it modern.  A high frost or uber-pale arch looks very dated.  Just be sure that if your using a lot of color on your eyes to use formulas that are waterproof.  No bride wants to cry on her wedding day, but for some it’s totally inevitable.

Trend #3: Graphic Liner


Louis Vuitton, Armani, Stella McCartney… these designers all rocked the graphic liner at their runway shows for fall.  Dior cosmetic brand even introduced a peel-on, peel-off version of graphic liner supposedly able to give the look of liquid liner that is reusable.  Pair this statement option with a nude lid in matte flesh tones and lots of mascara or false lashes for a big impact.  Keep everything else clean and soft, but feel free to give those cheekbones a bit of contouring to draw the eye up towards your peepers.  You can also always go for the classic cat eye liner, as vintage is back in a big way.

Click inside to read the rest of these fabulous fall/winter wedding trends from Bridal Beauty Associates!

Trend #4: Dewey, flushed cheeks

[via Beauty Editor]

Dewey skin isn’t just for spring brides anymore!  Forget your powder puffs ladies, and step away from the ultra-matte and often dry looking skin.  A great hydrating treatment, with some silicone based foundation and a little highlighter on the tops of cheekbones will keep you looking fresh and glowing.  Pair it with a pop of color on the apples for a youthful approach.  Be careful not to pair it with too much color on the eyes or lips to avoid looking over done.

Trend #5: Full Natural Brows

[via Lipstick Powder Paint]

Long gone are the days of skinny, high arched brows.  They aren’t quite back to the full on lusciousness of Brooke Sheilds a la 1980, but they are taking a more natural appearance.  You still want to keep your brows groomed, tweezing or threading the hairs below the arch to give the eye a more framed, open look.  You shouldn’t, however, tweeze, thread, or wax them to within an inch of their lives.  Think “groomed” vs “shaped”.  As we get older, our brow hairs grow in less, become wiry, thin, and lighter in color.  Full brows give the appearance of youth.  Thin, unnaturally shaped brows give the appearance  of age.  If you want to look like a younger version of yourself, let them grow in a bit or use some brow color (I recommend a powder) to fill them in a bit and give a great frame for your eyes.

Trend #6: Nude Makeup

[via Elle]

All natural girls will love this trend!  Keeping all your colors just a shade or two off from your skin tone, nude makeup is a great way to even out the color on your face without looking like you’re wearing makeup at all.  This may seem really easy, but it’s actually more difficult to look like you’re wearing nothing at all than it is to loading up on the makeup.  Novice artists: Find two shades of flesh-toned eyeshadow, one a bit darker and one a bit lighter.  Use them to cover your lid and add a bit of a crease.  Stick with a dark brown liner vs. black, or go with no liner at all and just a lash tint or light mascara.  Contouring is key to keeping your face from looking flat in photos, so highlighting the cheekbones with something shimmery and a little darker color in the hallow of your cheeks will give you a nice sculpted look.  Pair with a nude tone lip, keeping the lips glossy to avoid looking dry.

Trend #7: Orange Eye Makeup

[via NYX Cosmetics]

Ok, so this one may seem a bit crazy, but if you use a subtle shade of orange-based color with the rest of your eye makeup, you can really enhance the color of your blue eyes.  Think a peach shade over the lid, or an orangey bronze in the crease or outer corner.  Keep it simple, and you’ll be amazed at how much bluer your irises will appear.  Don’t have blue eyes?  Doesn’t matter.  The color is flattering on everyone, so enjoy!

Wow! Some seriously awesome wedding makeup inspiration and thorough advice from an industry professional! Ladies ~ if you need an on-site makeup artist for your Washington DC, VA or MD wedding, be sure to check out Suzanne & her amazing company! Thanks again to her for sharing all this with us!


  1. I love Mandy Moore! So glad to see she makes an appearance here. Also, I wish I could pull of the smokey eye. I’m a mess when it comes to make-up, though. OH! You should do a DIY make-up tutorial with a make-up artist! Or something.

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