Elle & Eric are having a destination wedding, but wanted to have a local engagement session ~ so they chose the Arlington County Fair with some beautiful, bright colors, and some seriously snazzy style. This gorgeous Northern Virginia engagement session is SURE to brighten up this dreary Friday. Thanks to Maggie Winters Photography [submitted via Two Bright Lights], I get to share this with you!

In order to help guests with their destination wedding [and keep those that can’t attend, in the loop] they created an adorable wedding website via Wedding Wire. For way more info on this couple [and maybe some tips for those of you also considering a destination wedding] you can check it out here.

Elle & Eric’s adorable “how we met story”:

I first approached Eric while waitressing at Caprock Cafe. He came into to study for an important appellate case, and I immediately noticed him. In the six months I spent waiting tables, I’d never seen someone come in to actually study. He also stuck out because he was using a black Macbook, which was an uncommon site back in 2008.

He sat in another waitress’s section, but I really wanted to talk to him. So I  quickly created a reason to start up a conversation, “hey, is that a MacBook?” Lame, but it worked!

That night, I sat down at his booth every chance I had to speak with him. I had never met anyone so open and easy to talk to, and I found myself sharing all kinds of personal details with him. Only a couple of hours after meeting, I knew he was someone very special. He stayed there and we chatted all evening until the manager kicked him out to close up for the night.

Over the next 7-months, Eric came in to Caprock countless times to “get a burger.” I remember hoping he would come in every day and always had butterflies when he did. On one such night, Eric finally invited me out to a polo-themed college party. I asked, “Polo party? So there’ll be a lot of fraternity guys there?” Hesitantly, Eric replied, “Well, yeah, there will probably be a lot of frat and sorority-types.” Despite how much I wanted to go out with Eric, I declined his offer, “Sorry, but I really don’t like frat boys.”

Taken a bit by surprise, Eric agreed that a polo party probably wouldn’t be much fun and changed his offer: “how about dinner instead?” My eyes lit up…

Enjoy the rest of these beautiful Northern Virginia County Fair engagement pictures!

I wish I had the courage to cut my hair that short! Elle looks amazing!

this next shot is my favorite!

Congratulations Elle & Eric! Best of luck with your upcoming wedding! Thanks again for sharing your story with us and thanks again to Maggie Winters Photography for sharing these seriously beautiful images [via Two Bright Lights].




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