This afternoon’s love shoot comes to us from Maryland based artistic, editorial,  & wedding photographer, Dominique Fierro.

Dominique’s website is unlike most photographers I have seen before – it is definitely worth checking out, not to mention her “about me” story is extremely raw, honest, and totally admirable! Her photography work also extends way beyond the wedding world – some of her artwork was even seen on MTV’s The Real World – DC!!

Today, Dominique has shared a fun, motorcycle love shoot of Samantha & Ron.

Samantha and Ron didn’t know that they lived a ½ a mile from each other growing up and also went to the same Sunday school.  Although, they knew of each other just by name in high school, they never interacted. Sixteen years later, their small world would collide. Ron’s mom worked at a private school for 35 years and retired. The next year at the same private school, Sam started her teaching position that lasted 6 years. At this school, the art teacher‘s mother-in-law and Ron’s dad walk everyday at the local mall. They decided while walking, that Samantha and Ron would be a good match. Samantha and Ron were married on September 25, 2010.

Click inside for the rest of this modern & artistic Maryland love shoot!


Thanks so much to Samantha, Ron, & Dominique Fierro for sharing this lovely motorcycle shoot with us!


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