Happy Friday everyone! I have a super sassy & romantic Annapolis engagement shoot to share with you for today from Washington, DC area wedding & portrait photographer, Rebecca Watkins Photography.

The lovely lady in this shoot is actually a singer in a Christian Rock band! How cool is that?!!?

Brittany shares their amazingly romantic proposal story:

When Brendon went back to Purdue University for his last year, I felt my heart go with him. I would lie awake at night missing him and counted down the days till I saw his blue eyes again. In October I had the opportunity to fly out and visit. Little did I know the weekend of the 29th would be life-changing.

My plane landed and he picked me up, greeting me with a big kiss and hug. The plan was that he was going to take me to the house of girls I was staying with so I could settle in while he ran to complete a group project. We walked in the door and I said goodbye to Brendon and the girls took me to the room I was staying in. It was the greenest room I had ever seen! I looked around and suddenly I saw roses on a nightstand and I complimented their beauty to the girl who was currently staying in the room. She laughed and told me they were not hers and my stomach sunk.

I walked over to the dozen roses and beside the vase there was a note that read, “Brittany, I have something special planned for us. Dress nicely and warm. I’ll pick you up in an hour.”

love this shot!

The girls helped me get ready and I cut one of the flowers from the bouquet and placed it in my hair. As I walked downstairs, Brendon entered in the front door. I remember seeing the light on his jacket from the late evening sun.

He led me to a car that was chauffeured by one of his five roommates. We arrived at his house where he then took my hand and led me inside. Right when I walked through the door there was a small room with a table set for two; candlelit. We sat down and another one of his roommates came out and waited on us. There was a homemade chicken caesar salad on the menu and it was delicious. Brendon asked over and over again if I liked the food and what he had done. As I told him I enjoyed it thoroughly, he followed up quickly with, “It’s not over yet.”


Click inside for the rest of this modern, stylish Annapolis engagement shoot and the rest of Brittany & Brendon’s proposal story!

 He then took my hand and led me back to the car. We drove a bit and I saw some of the campus and when we reached our destination, I stepped out of the car and found myself in front of a fountain, a bridge and a setting sun. Since the month of October is recognized for Breast Cancer Awareness, the bridge was lit with pink lights. They looked beautiful against the pink sky. We walked along the bridge hand-in-hand and when we got to the the middle there were hundreds of pink rose petals in the middle. I was so nervous I originally thought they were for Breast Cancer Awareness too.


He placed his hand on my waist and pulled me in and began dancing with me to “Clair de Lune”. We talked a bit as children in Halloween costumes walked by, occasionally picking up one or two of the petals. I closed my eyes and laid my head against his chest, not wanting anything more than that moment. The song was coming to an end and as I lifted my head and opened my eyes Brendon dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. It just so happened that a group of pedistrians had witnessed the event and began chanting “Say Yes!”

My eyes filled up with tears and I began jumping up and down squealing, “yes, yes, yes!!!” and as I threw my arms around his neck, “All Eyes on Me” began playing in the background of our priceless moment.


Congratulations Brittany & Brendon (And well done on that proposal Brendon!!), best of luck with your upcoming wedding!! Thank you again to Rebecca Watkins Photography for sharing these images with us today!



  1. Brittany you looked beautiful….Brendon doesn’t look so shabby himself! Wonderful photos capturing a gorgeous and OH SO VERY happy couple.
    Good luck to you both!!

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