I have what some might call, an unhealthy obsession with the movie Love Actually. It’s an annual part of my “Christmas Movie Must Watch” repertoire and quotes from the movie make normal, daily appearances in my every day conversations (mainly with my husband, since no one at work would probably understand what I was referencing when I say things like “just in cases” and “i hate uncle jamie”).

Though I probably couldn’t narrow down my top favorites scenes to just five, there is one that has always been a consistent front runner … the Hugh Grant dance sequence.

Love Actually – Hugh Grant Dance to Jump

 It turns out the song (Jump For My Love by the Pointer Sisters) from this clip also has some fantastically appropriate wedding related lyrics and could be an awesome way to exit your wedding ceremony, rock down the aisle to your wedding ceremony, or use as a modern, upbeat reception entrance song.

 Your eyes tell me how you love me
Can feel it in your heart beat

…. And now I am off to go watch Love Actually in its entirety…


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