I love music.

Probably more than love. I am OBSESSED with music. So, it’s no wonder that when I see people using music as a theme in their weddings, I want to break into a spontaneous dance party, on the spot.  Specifically, I am loving all the DIY wedding projects and decorations I have seen from sheet music!!!

So for some DIY wedding inspiration today ~ I thought I would share some awesome DIY projects that used sheet music. Enjoy!

Sheet Music Wreath

[via Ken Kienow Photography from Emily Porter‘s Wedding]

Sheet Music Paper Flowers (um. incredible)

[via My Girlish Whims blog – with a tutorial!!]

Sheet Music Heart Garland

[via Maisy & Alice Etsy shop]

Sheet Music Envelope Liner

[via We Can Do It Girls ~ with tutorial!]

Sheet Music Gift Wrap

[by Stephen D via Country Living]

Sheet Music Flower

[via No Impact Bride blog ~ this blog has a TON more sheet music inspiration too!]

Also, we have a tutorial to make your own paper flowers from sheet music here!

Send in your sheet music projects from your own wedding!!



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