It happened again a few days ago. Andy was on a business trip and I found myself sitting in front of my laptop looking at my wedding pictures for an hour; laughing, crying, getting goosebumps, and fondly remembering every moment the best I could.  Looking at the Christmas ornament pomanders that took me countless hours to make, our crazy tulle bouquets that took my mom even long to make, the DIY ornament favors, the dancing, the emotions … all of it captured, thankfully, on film.

To say that your wedding day flies by in an instant, is a gross understatement. But what should also be said to couples that are planning their wedding, is that the memories of your day will also slip from your memory all too fast, too. The things that once mattered so greatly (how are we ever going to word these programs? where the hell are we going to sit Aunt Jane .. she still isn’t speaking to anyone?) just don’t, the second your wedding day starts. And then, once your day ends, you are really only left with three things:

  1. Your new husband or wife
  2. The memories you can actually remember
  3. The pictures

The pictures. I mean, you did get a wedding photographer right?

With tight wedding budget, comes tough choices. But, I just cannot stress enough, the importance of pushing wedding photography to the top of your must-have list. And not just any wedding photographer. It is important to chose one that fits your personality and style, and can give you the types of photographs that you are looking for, not just the price range you have set aside.  The things that so quickly rise to the top of a couple’s must-have list (cake, flowers, dress, programs) are all of the things that don’t last longer than the day after your wedding. The pictures however, will last forever.

Just once is too many times to hear the story of the couple that hired their friend, someone cheap, or no one at all, for their wedding photographer, and did not get to see their wedding day captured at all. My friend (she hired a friend, on the cheap) does not have one picture of her and her husband together on their wedding day. Not one.  I can’t even bear the thought of not having a single picture of Andy and I together from our wedding day.

Other couples hire wedding photographers,but use the price quote instead of the photographer’s work, as the basis of hiring. I will admit, that I myself was guilty of allowing the price to factor too much into my photographer’s decision. Lucky for me, (I would bet this is usually not the case) my photographer turned out to be exactly what I wanted, and even more than I could have dreamed ofThat being said, DON’T use me as an example, and take a gamble on your wedding photography. Get to know your photographer, meet with them, talk with them, view their work, and most importantly, LISTEN to them. If they tell you they don’t do posed shots, or formals, don’t expect your prints to come back in posed and formal ways. Pick the photographer that is right for you and the one that will give you the pictures you want, so that you can remember one of the most important days of your entire life, exactly as it happened.

To say that your wedding day flies by in an instant, is a gross understatement. What should also be said to couples that are planning their wedding, is that the memories of your day will also slip by too. Without the pictures of that day, it is sad to say that most of the day, all the details & emotions, will not be remembered. Why take a chance on your memories? Instead, take the importance of wedding photography & picking the right photographer, to heart. Then you will be able to re-live your wedding day over and over again, for as many moments, instants, and hours as you want.

A recent bride


  1. Dude, I so hardcore agree with everything you said and that’s why I’m so stoked about my decision to book Natalie :D I have so many friends disappointed with their wedding pictures and that’s why it was one of the first things I booked. I thought, the budget can bite it and I will make everything else work around finding an awesome photographer.

  2. Spot on, Bree! I think it’s so sad when I hear of people who don’t follow this advice and hire the family friend. Major mistake. Spend the bucks and get a professional who will provide you and your hubby with gorgeous, lasting photos that will make you smile for the rest of your life.

  3. Bree, you are 100% correct. I think that getting married is a HUGE deal, you can’t leave it to amateurs. Getting to know your photographer before the wedding is also great. It doesn’t matter if you had all this decor you paid big $$ for, if your photos are dark, dull, and ugly. You won’t show them proudly to your family and friends… and that’s sad. I will link this post on my facebook.

  4. Good lord Bree, thank you for this. Perfect timing too, so many of my friends are getting on the wedding train. I’m sending this to everyone I know!!!

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