I love when couples are just as excited as I am about their blog feature. I remember how I excited I was when The Loveliest Day (a seriously awesome wedding blog that I would highly recommend!)  agreed to feature both my own engagement session & wedding on her blog ~ it feels so nice and fun to be able to share your story and hard work.

Tanya & Jonathan were just like me, excited to share their love story and seriously awesome proposal (it includes singing … stay tuned!) and I am honored to be the blog to feature them.

Thanks to my girl, Julie Napear Photography, I get to share not only their story, but their lovely Annapolis engagement session as well!

Jonathan and Tanya met while marching for the Band of the Hour at the University of Miami (nerd alert!). Tanya first noticed him because he made a mistake and marched to the wrong yard line. But, Jonathan completely won her over the first time she saw him sing and play piano. They started a friendship over AIM and read into each other’s cryptic Live Journal entries. It wasn’t long before the sparks were flying and they were spending all their time together in their adjacent on-campus apartments. After college they went separate ways for a couple years, but realized they were still in love. They started long-distance dating, taking bus trips every possible weekend between DC and New York, and eventually Jonathan moved to DC where they now live together. Jonathan is a professional pianist and performs at many of the Capitol area’s theaters. Tanya is a communications professional for a progressive organization and the President of ResolveNetwork, a peace building organization using micro-finance to empower women in war torn Democratic Republic of the Congo.




So about that singing proposal ….

As part of a leadership course Jonathan and Tanya completed last year, Jonathan created a monthly Open Mic series for musical theater professionals in the D.C. area to truly enjoy their craft, perform for each other, and strengthen their community.

Tanya was excited to celebrate all his hard work that Monday in September.

As Jonathan got up to sing his second song of the night,  he dedicated it to her. At the end of the song, he got down on one knee. It was a magical moment and no words needed to be shared for the couple to know the question, and the answer.


And this goes to show you the kind of person I am .. this next one is one of my favs from the entire shoot!



Read more on the inside! Go on and click … you know you want to :)



I am SUCH a sucker for natural laughter (though posed smiles are beautiful too) … there is just so much more emotion in natural laughter smiles, making this next one my favorite of the bunch!



Love this one too!



And this one just makes me let out an audible sigh. Flippin’ adorable dancin’ in the park.


And close behind my favorite is this final shot – i love middle of the street shots, and Tanya’s dress just looks divine here. Congratulations you two crazy kids!!! Best of luck with your wedding and life together. A special thanks again to Julie Napear Photography for sharing Tanya & Jonathan’s shoot!







  1. The subjects were shot wonderfully, loved the different looks from color to back and white. They truly look joyful, and full of promise. Very moving, and makes one think of their youth, and first falling in love.

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