I have some seriously exciting & rad news to share with you all today.

One of my readers (and Twitter followers), Corrie, has been emailing me since she found her Photographer (Luke Eshleman) & Videographer (Jason Stewart) via my blog! First, I am thrilled people are finding vendors through me for their Virginia/Washington DC weddings. Second, I am super pumped to announce that we are going to be attempting something at Corrie’s wedding next weekend that I haven’t yet seen in the mainstream wedding world.

Live Tweeting a Wedding

That’s right, yours truly is going to be attending Corrie’s wedding next weekend at the Thomas Birkby House in Virginia, and I am going to be live tweeting the ceremony.

I have heard of couples using websites to live-stream their wedding (for guests that couldn’t make the trip), and I now see wedding photographys & videographers shooting on iPhone4’s (this video rules), so we asked ourselves, why not a live tweet of Corrie’s wedding? Plus, Corrie works in Social Media – so twitter is part of her everyday life & job, why shouldn’t it be a part of her wedding too?

Want to be a part of this experiment? Simple: either follow me (CapitolRomance) on Twitter before Corrie’s wedding next Saturday, 23 July OR be a part of the fun on your own terms (especially if you are in attendance too!) and use the hashtag #CorrieWeds.

Let us know what you think of our idea – are we crazy? are you intrigued? are you surprised more people don’t do this? or are you just plain meh? Whatever the case be sure to stop by on the 23 July, if only to wish Corrie a happy wedding day!!!

And now for our usual Monday post: Wedding Music That Doesn’t SuckI Want To Know Your Plans by Say Anything.

(one of my all-time favorite bands, and it’s Corrie & her Fiance’s song!!!!)


  1. I’m really excited to what comes out of this. I know its not a celebrity wedding or even a big production, but I love doing new stuff like this – and I think we’ll see more of it in the future. I did hear about a groom (or bride?) who had pre-typed the “I do” message into their cell phone and hit send as they said their vows…

    FOllow or join in the convo here or on Twitter with hashtag #corrieweds :)

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