To say I am somewhat obsessed with the notion of a bride doing something different, fun, or common-sense driven (no, chances are anything made from tulle or taffeta will not be worn again. sorry), is quite possibly an understatement.

I’ve already expressed my opinion multiple times about how I adore mismatched bridesmaids, and am a huge supporter of the “pick your own flattering dress” idea (like I did!), but there is yet another trend I have seen strumming along, that I just had to see more of:

Patterned Bridesmaids Dresses

Thanks to our new guest blogger Charlotte Jarrett, we have some awesome inspiration for any couple looking to do this for their own bridesmaids! Take it away Charlotte …

Is there anything worse than a bride surrounded by clone bridesmaids?

[via Bridal Galleria]

I honestly can’t stand seeing a wedding party where the bridesmaids are in the exact same dress, shoes, jewelry, and hairstyle. Not only does it look ridiculous to match everything perfectly, it’s unrealistic. Unless your bridesmaids actually ARE clones, not all of them are going to look their best in the exact same style dress.  We’ve all seen the variation on picking a color and fabric and having every girl pick a different style dress, but that’s old news. That’s been done, and it’s boring.

If there is anything that will make your wedding day fresh and fashion forward, it is mixing and matching styles, colors, and patterns to create a look that is both visually appealing and cohesive.  Enter the patterned bridesmaid dress. I love the idea of using a patterned dress to make a statement. Whether you choose floral, stripes, or polka dots, putting one or two bridesmaids, or the whole group in something other than a solid satin will set your wedding apart from the norm.

A few of my favorite patterned and unique bridesmaid looks:

Love this orange/turquoise/chocolate combo.  So fresh and fun!

[via The Knot weddings]

I love the muted tones of this one. I like how the lace is a subtle use of pattern in the dresses, and is perfect for the bride who wants something different, but not overpowering

[via Flickr]

I love this eclectic mix of patterns…talk about a look that’s so different, but comes together perfectly!

[via Design with Chon]

Click inside for the rest!!!

Love this pattern…yes, they’re all in the same dress, but the fact that it’s a pattern and not a solid makes it fresh!

[via Sara Gray Photography]

Love the purple floral paired with a solid purple. This would be so great for a fall wedding!

[ via The Space Between My Peers blog]

Same pattern, different styles!

[via Lori Barbely Photography]

If patterns aren’t your thing, consider dresses in different shades of a color. I love the look of this wedding with bridesmaids in shades of aqua, turquoise, and blue

[via Elizabeth Anne Designs blog]

I also love these warm shades of red, orange, and yellow…it looks like a sunset

[via Snappening blog]

Thanks to Charlotte Jarrett Events for sharing this week’s Capitol Inspiration … as always, if you had patterned or mismatched bridesmaids dresses in your own wedding, please share it with us!!



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