This afternoon’s adorable engagement shoot from Natalie Franke Photography, is perfect inspiration for the upcoming 4th of July holiday! Maria & Alessandro had their engagement shoot in downtown Annapolis at the crack of dawn.

Natalie told me that Maria & Alessandro would be perfect for Capitol Romance because:

“They are unique, true to who they are, honest & hilariously down to earth”

I would say, “Yup … you are exactly right Natalie”. These two are PERFECT for my blog :) Also, because Maria is a self-proclaimedawkward turtle“. HAH. I love this.

So cute!

Another thing Natalie told me was that Maria wasn’t a heels kind of girl in real life ~ so she wanted to wear what she normally would (namely her Sperrys) for her engagement shoot. I love this. No one says you have to dress up in cocktail attire for your engagement session!

Read more for the rest of this shoot ~ including some hilarious insight from the bride-to-be on how to prepare for your own engagement session!

Maria is a blogger herself! She summed up her on tips on prepping for your engagement shoot. Check it out here!!

“Avoid looking like other people. If you do not typically trot around forests in full club gear and/or makeup, don’t do it for your engagement pictures.”

Love it. And, couldn’t agree more!

Want more from Maria? Check out her blog again (here) for some more insight on the shoot from her perspective.

And here’s my favorite of the feature – their laughter is legit contagious.

Thank you Maria & Alessandro ~ for sharing your details and lovely engagement shoot with us! Best of luck with the rest of your wedding planning!!

A special thank you again to Natalie Franke Photography, for allowing us to share these images!



  1. Bahaha! I just snorted at my desk when I saw you had the “roaring laughter” shot :P Thanks for featuring us!

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