Sabrina & Mike’s Real Capitol Wedding has more personal, local,  and DIY touches than I know how to handle.

Set at the Philip Merrill Center in Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay, Sabrina & Mike took everything they loved and hold dear in life, and poured it into their wedding. When couples do this – it is SO obvious. The wedding pictures (captured beautifully by Mary Gardella of Love Life Images) so perfectly show an absolutely fun, non-traditional wedding that was the truest reflection of the couple.

I cannot echo my sentiments enough on how much I love weddings like this. Weddings, where the pictures alone, make you feel like you know the couple, their relationship, and their favoritest things in life. I just pine for all weddings to be this way!

But enough about me. Let’s get more from Sabrina & Mike

Sabrina shares:

I can tell you generally that Mike and I both wanted to focus on a Maryland theme with the focus being on nature, family, and friends. We had a religion neutral ceremony (I’m Jewish and Mike is Lutheran) with two of our friends officiating and the dinner was family style so that our guests could chat and mingle.

I am a non-traditional bride, hence the short dress and no veil, and Mike and I are a non-traditional couple so the wedding was really a reflection of us. I think my favorite part was when I had the University of Maryland mascot Testudo surprise Mike during the reception. It was hilarious!

^ Too. Cool.

Love a groom in sneakers! Always.

Absolutely in love with Sabrina’s dress! Tea length wedding dresses rule ;-p

Different dress and in different colors for her b’maids. Awesomeness.

Read more to see the rest of this awesome, non-traditional Maryland wedding ~ including the hand-knitted Chuppah that the bride made herself!!

Can you believe Sabrina made this chuppah herself!?

Sabrina shares:

We did a lot of DIY stuff from the black-eyed susan pomander my flower girl carried to the black-eyed susans around the votive candles to the chuppah I knitted with little knitted black-eyed susans around the edge.

And there is that “groom sees bride for first time” look I always love! It never lets me down.


I love how Sabrina’s yellow toe nails pop in this picture! Barefoot brides for the win!

Sabrina shares more on using local & green sources:

The food was all locally sourced and with real Maryland flavors – fries with Old Bay and vinegar, Eastern Shore chicken, rockfish, and Smith Island cake for desert. We also tried to be as “green” as possible so we used the Philip Merrill Center as our location (the entire rental fee went to Save the Bay) and had reusable bags printed as wedding favors for the guests.

Thank you again to Sabrina & Mike for sharing your amazing, offbeat Maryland wedding with us ~ and of course, a huge thanks to Mary GardellaLove Life Images for allowing us to share these gorgeous pictures!


  1. I have been desperately searching for a tea length dress and coming up with next to nothing. Any idea on where she got hers?

  2. Thank you so much! I am trying to avoid David’s Bridal like the plague cause that place gives me a panic attack walking in. I will start with these links!

    1. As a follow up to Amie’s insight – Sabrina let me know that:

      “… I got it at Terri Lynn Bridal in Bethesda, MD. It is a Melissa Sweet design from her Reverie collection and the style name is Fiesole. Terri is amazing and super nice and helpful. I’m sure she can get your readers the dress if they want it. Here’s her website –

  3. oops! I saw it in the window of Priscilla of Boston in Tyson’s right before this wedding and thought it was theirs! They carry Melissa Sweet too (obviously!). :)

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