Happiest of Fridays to you all! After last week was so crazy with moving/buying a house … I just knew this week was going to be a long one.

Luckily – I got this gem of an email into my inbox from Wendy of Weswen Design. It’s somehow made my week that much better. If you haven’t heard of Wendy and her awesome design company … then check it out. NOW. Also – she guest posted here on Capitol Romance back in the early stages of my blog with some awesome tips on wedding invitations … so be sure to check that out too!

Now, I get to share with you one of her recent projects ~ an amazingly modern, bright, and FUN invitation suite for a wedding at one of DC’s coolest venues, Long View Gallery. Enjoy!

Seriously. Those colors?! The funky, frames? I mean … is it normal to get this excited over an invitation suite? Especially for SOMEONE ELSES’ wedding??

Wendy shares the insight to these seriously fabulous wedding invitations:

Kyle and John wanted something really non-traditional. They fell in love with a tri-fold format where the RSVP postcard was perforated so guests could rip it off and send it back. The wedding was held at Longview Gallery in DC so I decided to play up the idea of frames. I used a different frame for each piece of information on the invitation.

That perforated RSVP is just too cool for words. It just makes so much sense!

The best part is inside the rest of this post – the RSVP card responses are just TOO funny

Wendy echos my sentiments on having fun with your RSVP card:

[Kyle & John ] wanted some really “unique” wording and I had to laugh when I saw it. It’s so fun and if I were getting this in the mail I know I’d be in for a good time. Apparently, guests also found this as a great place to comment before sending back their replies… and Kyle and John were so thankful they did something fun as she said their comments are some of their most treasured gifts from the wedding.

Honestly. I cannot stress enough how much I love creative and fun RSVP cards. A traditional check box is just so boring! I think I’ve just thought of another upcoming Capitol Inspiration idea

“Looking like a fool with your pants on the ground”

Special thank you to Kyle & JOohn for letting us share their bright and modern invitation suite ~ and of course, another thanks to the seriously talented, Wendy of Weswen Design for being the creative mastermind behind these bangorang wedding invites!






  1. These are the best invitations I’ve ever seen, and I’m really not exaggerating. I LOVE the idea of a perforated post card! As a guest, I’d be excited to drop something like that in the mail. I’d be interested to hear what their return rate for RSVPs was. Awesome work, Wendy! I really wish I’d known you last summer when I was doing my wedding invitations. These are AWESOME.

  2. Abby – only 10 people didn’t send in their RSVP out of the 165 sent. Two of those 10 asked to keep it because they wanted to save the entire invite. About a third of the cards had funny responses but I sent Wendy the best of them.

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