For no particular reason, I haven’t listened to Guster in an especially long time. However, they are headlining a tour with one of my favorite bands (Jacks Mannequin) and so I decided to listen to their most recent album.

I was delighted to find that it’s a really good album ~ with some really great songs. One in particular, “This Could All Be Yours” is my absolute new “favorite song” that I have been listening to on repeat.

“So take a breath and step into the light
Everything will be all right

This could all be yours someday

I think it would be a fantastic song to have your wedding video set to or a picture slide show at your reception. I think it would also be REALLY fun to dance down the aisle to this song, or maybe be used as a fun, modern father daughter dance choice!

Let me know what you think and if you love it as much as I do. I do believe it is a rather addicting, feel-good song.

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