Good mornin‘ Romancers! I hope everyone had a fabulous long weekend. I myself, celebrated a bit too much for my birthday ~ but I am on vacation at the end of this week … so I won’t complain! [too much]!

This morning we are changing up the schedule a bit. First we have a cute little engagement sess from Amber Wilkie Photography and this afternoon we will have our Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suckpost.

So let’s get it started ….

This is Aimee & Richard.

How did Aimee & Richard find themselves about to get married? Well, let me tell you

They met through friends and are planning their September wedding at Camp Puh’tok [north of Baltimore].  It’s going to have lots of lovely DIY details, kegs of beer, mason jars and a campfire! Aimee works for the Library of Congress and Richard is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins in the history of science.  He is particularly interested in keeping religion out of the biology classroom – good on him!

Aimee & Richard had their engagement shoot at Dumbarton Oaks in Georgetown! A super cool spot in my opinion ~ and an awesome alternative to the monuments” Washington DC shoot location!

A bit about the proposal!!!

His proposal was pretty neat.  He wanted to do something really special for Aimee and so arranged to have both their parents come into town for a little receiving party after he popped the question.  He got all of them in without her suspecting anything.  He wanted to do it at Kenilworth aquatic gardens because Aimee had been wanting to go there for a long time.  So all summer she bugged him about going and he always came up with some excuse not to go – she was getting kind of peeved, she said.  Then finally it was the big day, but they got lost on the way and when they finally arrived, the park was almost closing.  Aimee wanted to just turn around and go back, so Richard had to persuade her to at least go in and look, since they came all that way.  So they basically ran into the park and then he dropped to a knee and whipped out a ring.

I LOVE this plant-ish thing! It would be SO cool to get married in front of this or have your ceremony here!

Congratulations Aimee & Richard! Good luck with the rest of your planning!

Special thanks again to Amber Wilkie Photography for sharing these pictures!



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