Today’s engagement feature comes from Astrid Photography (via Two Bright Lights!). Astrid’s logo is awesome and I totally can’t help myself from sharing her blog with you because the tag line is: “life. art. midnight snacks.” Love this.

So. Cool. right!? Anyway, Astrid shares with us her take on Jennie & Julius’ shoot:

I met up with Jennie + Julius at 6:30am for an early morning sunrise shoot! We wanted this shoot to be simple and sweet- with lots of color but very soft and organic as well. We started in this wild rustic field where they cuddled up in the red and white checkered blanket that contrasted perfectly with the soft wheat colors of the day. From there we went into the town of Clifton to play with the colorful backdrops the historic town has to offer. Finally, we ended the session at Clifton Cafe with some vanilla lattes!

Simply stunning. Let’s meet Jennie & Julius and hear a bit about their wedding plans before I unleash the rest of this gorgeousness upon your faces this Monday morning.

Julius and I met on a blind date. We were set up by mutual friends. We both love to travel and to cook-in fact our only arguments involve where to go and whom should get out of the kitchen :)

Our [wedding] theme is a fusion of the colors of India and the woods of Estonia: Golds, Greens, White and a hint of Fuchsia. Our florist-DaVinci’s-has done an amazing job designing our arrangements. They have created small scale trees with very organic white and green flowers. Our Mandap will be 15 feet tall and made out of hanging white orchids. We are most excited for our cake by Fluffy Thoughts. It is a 5 tier gold cake with each tier matching a different pattern from my evening Sari.

Seriously stunning couple!

Love the checkered blanket!

This one with the kissing behind the books is my absolute favorite.


Jennie reminds me of Vanessa Hudgens here, right? So gorgeous!

Congrats Jennie & Julius! Thank you again to Astrid Photography & Two Bright Lights for sharing this gorgeous e-sess with us!


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