Happy Friday Readers!!

Some of you know (and for those that don’t) that I am currently at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando Florida!!

Actually yes, it’s a HUGE deal!!!!! I don’t think I have ever been so excited for something in my entire life (except my wedding… I swear). So while I am busy grabbin’ a butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks, having my wand chose me at Ollivanders, buying some sweets at Honeydukes, or gettin’ my spells on at Hogwarts, I thought I could AT LEAST leave you all with some Friday Faves :)

PS- If you didn’t understand that last paragraph, I think we need to re-evaluate our friendship. (I kid, I kid!!)

This Week’s Friday Faves:

  • I love the Peanuts Gang – here is a new take on it … (*warning – you might laugh out loud*)
  • I dare you to read this, and not get a bit misty eyed – a truly touching story and blog post by my fav, Wendy of Weswen Design. Touching. Inspiring. Amazing.
  • Why aren’t there any of THESE near me!? WHY!? (also – could you imagine having your wedding at one of these places … omg I just got so exciting thinking about it)
  • Even if you don’t like Peeps – you have to admit this is pretty cool
  • Ok, don’t judge, but I actually, kind-of want to see this movie
  • and finally…Seriously, even for Glee this seems a bit too far…

Thanks everyone! I will be back to normal posting on Tuesday!!!


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