Today’s Real Capitol Wedding is extremely near and dear to my heart. Amber & Jon, as you may or may not know, are the talented duo behind Live It Out Photography. My husband and I hired them to be our wedding photographers, through my friend Janet, but little did we know then, that these two crazy kids would quickly become two of our bestest friends in the area.

Amber has gotten pictures of me featured a million times over, and it was the very least I could do, to show my absolute appreciation to her and her mad photography skills, to share her UBER-ADORABLE wedding on my blog.

Amber & Jon actually got married (the legal way) at a courthouse. But they also had a ceremony & reception at Stony Creek Farm, a bed and breakfast on one of the oldest farms in Boonsboro, MD. Their wedding was the absolute perfect reflection of who they are as individuals and a couple, right down to the aisle entrance song.

Amber & Jon, thank you both for the immeasurable and insurmountable amount of memories, laughs, and good times we have shared together. I look forward to the many, many more that we will undoubtedly create :)

Thank you to Procopio Photography & Studio Juno for letting us share these images!

These pics make me want fall again already!

Amber is the ULTIMATE animal lover. Just seeing these pics makes me think of her and how happy they’d make her!

A little insight from the magnificent Amber, herself:

my hair was a tad ridic [that morning]. i got fed up with all the hooplah and refused to blow dry the back of my head. why you ask? who the f*ck knows. i ended up eating my lunch on the bathroom floor in my underwear.

-Amber Mahoney

Love this ring shot!

This is one of my FAVORITE details from the wedding – and maybe I could even convince Amber to let me share the video of this … but they danced down the aisle to “99 Luft Balloons” and had guests participate in the entry.

Talk about an entrance! :)

TOO CUTE! Jon’s dad was the officiant, just love that!

These next two shots are my favs!!

Again, these food shots totally make me crave Fall. Fall is the best IMO.

I love you both SO freakin’ much! And that doesn’t even come close to how much you love each other … wishing you many, MANY more years of happiness together.


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