When Heather from Heather Bee Photography emailed me last week, I was super anxious to get a shoot from her up on the blog ASAP! Especially after I found out about her “Bee Redeemed” series. Heather explains:

Without  fail I will be at a wedding, church, or even the grocery store and when people find out that I am a wedding photographer they feel the need to tell me how horrible their wedding photos are.  The lesson of  “getting what you pay for” is a hard lesson for many people when it comes to wedding photography.  Well at the end of the day the flowers are dead, the cake is eaten, and your dress sits in a box.  All you have are the images that were created on that day.  So, for those of you who have yet to be married….do not skimp on your wedding photographer.  Make sure your personalities mesh and that you love their work.  Then hire them:)

I am launching a new type of session called “Bee Redeemed”.  The “Bee Redeemed” session is just exactly how it sounds; let’s go out and redeem your wedding day images.  Get your dress out of the box (yes, even if you have preserved it…is your daughter really going to wear it??) and get your hubby in his suit or tux and lets go make some amazing images!!!  It really is a lot of fun, I promise:)

What a great idea to help out couples who are less than thrilled with their original wedding pictures – or if anything else – just want to get back into their wedding attire for a fun love shoot.

Enter Torrey & Dustin.

Heather explains how she came to be shooting Dustin & Torrey in Eastern Market (side note: I adore Eastern Market as an engagement or love shoot locale in Washington, DC … seriously):

[Dustin & Torrey] got married almost exactly a year ago and they have yet to get their wedding photos. Yeah, you read that right, a year ago. Also, the ones they have seen have been, well less than stellar. Having good images was really important to Torrey so you can only imagine the heartbreak when she realized she may never get her photos. Enter me:) I had photographed one of Torrey’s friends weddings and she loved the images so we decided to get dressed back up and get some rockin’ images in her wedding gown.

And now you all get to enjoy them … take it away Heather, Dustin, & Torrey:

A note from Torrey:

Dustin and I really wanted to have a “Vintage” feel at our wedding that was held at Potomac Farms in Lovettsville, VA (coincidentally, since our last name is Lovett..;) )which is why I chose the dress I did, from Ellie’s Bridal boutique in Alexandria, VA… I wanted the wedding to be a fun kind of vintage which is why we chose Chuck Taylors and pin stripe suits for the fellas to wear… :) I also chose to have my tattoos exposed, I’m a firm believer that they are a part of who I am. . .:)

The original photos from our wedding came out less than desirable … they took 14 months to get from the “photographer” and when we received them I was extremely disappointed… All along I had spoken with Heather about the situation and she suggested we do “redemption” photos and they came to be everything I had hoped the originals to be. Heather captured us perfectly… They were fun, sexy and completely romantic.

If I could do it all again, the photos you’d be looking at would be the ones from my original wedding which I would have had Heather take… But since I can’t turn back time I’m thankful for our “redemption”

I simply adore this vintage-inspired shot of Torrey:

Click inside for the rest of Dustin & Torrey’s adorable DC wedding portraits at Eastern Market!

Work it girl! I <3 Torrey’s wedding dress!

I exploded in squeals when I saw this one pic because my husband wore the SAME CHUCKS for our wedding! Well done Dustin, well done sir.

Congratulations Dustin & Torrey – hope you have a beautiful life together!






  1. I saw these photos on Heather’s blog a few months ago- I loooooove them. I think it’s awesome that she offers redemption shoots. It’s an unfortunate situation to end up with less-than-rockstar-awesome wedding photogs, but thank the Lord for photogs like Heather!

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