It was Deborah’s amazing dress, in all its PURPLE glory, that first caught my eye when I saw this lovely “Trash the Dress” shoot from Kelly Prizel Photography. The dress, along with this cool couple, and Kelly’s awesome photog skills, make it one of my favorite features so far! I was also super pumped to learn (I didn’t know this ahead of time, though I am familiar with the blog) that Kelly is the creator of the ah-mazing blog, So You’re EnGAYged!

If you haven’t heard of So You’re EnGAYed – then I definitely recommend checking it out. It is a truly wonderful wedding resource for LGBT & Allied couples!

Now onto Deborah & Caron:


Deborah and Caron are the singers/musicians behind the band Deborah Vial which is big in the Texas area. They are now semi-retired and live in Hawaii but when they heard that DC legalized gay marriage– they decided to plan their wedding for DC in just a few weeks … We headed over to Rock Creek Park in DC and decided to get our feet in the river. Nothing too drastic as they were tired from the wedding day and it was *cold*. Note to self: when shooting in a river, wear crocs as river rocks are sharp and slippery.

Forgive me for posting so many images of just Deborah but I’m slightly obsessed with her purple dress. Like, way obsessed.

– Kelly Prizel

Like Kelly, I am somewhat obsessed with Deborah’s purple dress. I initially wanted a non-white wedding dress myself (I was ADAMANT that I get a dress I could wear again), however, in the end I opted for my handmade dress in white with my hot pink cummerbund. I LOVE(d) my dress, but I still have a sweet spot and underlying jealousy of brides that accept the nontraditional & offbeat challenge and wear a non-white dress!

Congrats Deborah & Caron!!

Click inside for the rest of Caron & Deborah’s offbeat, Trash the Dress session in Rock Creek Park, DC!



  1. This is amazing! Very inspiring for the GBTL community!(Big supporter for Gay rights) Go them! LOVE the dress!

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