I met Luke of Luke Eshlemen Photography the same way I have met most of the photographers on my blog – Google. What did people do before Google?? Anyway. I consider myself insanely lucky when I find photographers like Luke, doing exactly what I am looking to feature. I also found out that Luke is EXTRA awesome for 2 reasons:

  1. He knows my dear friend Amber of Live It Out Photo fame
  2. He is a Penn State fan!!! (I am a PSU alum for those that don’t know)

Ok wait, there are 2 more reasons … his pictures are AWESOME and he shares my desire to find more offbeat funkiness in the DC Metro Area’s wedding realm. Thanks to Luke, I have this adorable engagement shoot he took up in Baltimore, Md to share this afternoon.

Before I share more pictures from Gina & Rob’s adorable shoot (which is seriously guaranteed to make you smile), I wanted to share a little background from the couple. I always feel like I appreciate pictures a bit more when I get to briefly know the couple before I stare at their pictures …. also, it feels less creepy that you are smiling at pictures of strangers (haha I’m kidding … I don’t really care about being creepy…)

“Rob and I transferred to Messiah College in January of 2003 and just so happened to be in the same freshman seminar. On the first day of class we ended up sitting across from each other and I can still remember my first impression of Rob. He was sunken down in his seat, knit hat pulled down to his eyes and I thought to myself, “this guy thinks he’s too cool?!” And according to Rob, my presence in class was a key contributor to his attendance! We became fast friends and began dating in the winter of 2004. We dated through college and post graduation Rob moved to Connecticut. Shortly after moving, our relationship ended. During our nine months apart, our love grew up. We both had things we needed to work through on our own; overtime our feelings only grew stronger and stronger. We missed talking to one another, spending time together – we missed sharing life. Slowly, over time, our relationship was woven back together.

Last winter, while on a ski lift, Rob asked me to be his girlfriend again! The next nine months flew by and on a cold, rainy fall day I found myself at our favorite beach at sunset. The clouds parted, the sun fought its way to be seen, and Rob was leading me towards a gazebo of lit candles. I kept insisting that we were “going to ruin someone’s surprise!” After a few convincing replies for me to trust him, I realized that those were in fact my candles. Rob got down on his knee and proposed, to which “yes” was the only answer!”

^I am insaaanely jealous of how beautifully Gina writes. I wish I could tell my own stories with such humility and engagement!

And now, let’s check out some more gorgeous photos from their shoot! Thanks to Gina, Rob, and LukeEsh Photo for sharing! (and I apologize in advance for the massive amount of pictures – but I just COULD NOT help myself, they were just way too cute of a couple, and the pics were just too good).

Just love the way Rob is looking at Gina, so sweet

The love, happiness, and affection between these two is almost too much to handle!!

Now Luke is just showing off …

I couldn’t help myself with these next few, they are just beyond awesome to me

What a stunning couple!

Can’t wait to see how their wedding turns out! Thanks again for sharing :)



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