Before Julia Roberts & the “Eat Pray Love” trailer made this song a success, a friend of mine had put it on a mixtape for me and I was instantly obsessed.  I love everything about Florence & the Machine’s song, the lyrics, the music, drums, the way it seems to have a momentum about it. Something about this song just makes you FEEL. I put this song on the mixtape that we made for our wedding party – and everyone shared the same sentiments I did.

My sister used it for her graduate program’s thesis play, Big Love and now I invite someone else to use it for their wedding. Walk down the aisle to it, exit the ceremony to it, enter your reception to it – I don’t care WHAT you end up doing with it, just do something with it because this song rules!



  1. I love these posts!!! You keep giving me new songs for my editing play list!! (Although Florence and the Machine has been a fav for a little bit now…).


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