Hey this is Emma and Claude (the”DIY DC DUO”) What a title huh?  I love it!  We are so excited to be chosen to be guest bloggers on this site.  We love everything wedding and I adore Bree’s own wedding (tell me that wasn’t the cutest dress ever?). (thanks Emma!!)

In the months since Claude proposed in May…we have collected numerous website boomarks, books, planners, a season of “Bridezillas”, and a stack of bridal magazines taller then our dog.  We have scoured the Capitol City for deals and restaurants and venues that are beautiful and inexpensive.

Does anyone else notice how when the word “Wedding” is attached to a conversation about a product, the price of product or service automatically gets jacked up by 50-100%?  That irks me to no end!  (Is that how you spell “irks”?)  Sorry for the soapbox.

Anyway, our wedding is scheduled, rain or shine, cherry trees or not, on April 9th.  We are praying that mother nature will cooperate, but we are preparing for the worse.  We are counting down in days now instead of weeks and we are madly finishing projects.  We can’t wait to share all of our ideas and crafting with the world to help other DIYers and other DC duos if we can.

Next week I will start with our story and show you how we handmade our save-the-dates and invites. Until then, you can always check out our free wedding web page at www.weddingwire.com/picard (a terrific website for planning, organizing, checklists and guestlists and seating charts and custom wedding webpages) It also has a link to our FREE registry that can be custom designed and created mydagsite.com The owner is so nice she even sent us a hand written thank you card for creating a registry.

~*Emma and Claude*~


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