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Welcome to Capitol Romance, the wedding blog that showcases all things nontraditional when it comes to real, authentic Washington, DC area weddings.

Here at Capitol Romance, we like to use words like nontraditional, unconventional, and unique. What these words really mean to us, is that couples found a way to throw a wedding that was a legitimate reflection of their personalities, inspirations, and the things they love most in life. It is important to remember that weddings aren’t a contest and they certainly shouldn’t all be the same. After all, if no two people are alike, then no two couples are alike, and if no two couples are alike, than no two weddings should be alike either.

So throwout everything you thought you knew about the typical Washington, DC wedding (including that on average it costs about $50,000 to get married in DC). We are here to show you how awesome and genuine weddings in our nation’s capitol really can be.

Hotel reception halls not your thing? Can’t see yourself in a strapless, floor-length wedding gown? Feel like you are more sneakers than heels or headbands than tiaras? Good. Then you are in the right place. Capitol Romance welcomes all DC area couples that pushed wedding traditions out the window, dared to be different, and endeavored to throw the most heartfelt wedding that their budget could allow.

Please stick with us as we work to bring you updated posts over these next few weeks as we get the blog up and running smoothly. In the meantime, please send all ideas, inspiration, and thoughts on non-conventional Washington DC weddings and vendors to


  1. Congrats on the launching of such a fabulous site! Wishing you all the love in the world as this community takes off. So proud of you sister. xo, J&T

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