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Bridget & Matt’s Green, Rainy Day Music Fest Themed DC Wedding


Images: Sarah Culver Photography

Between my team and I – we’ve worked a TON of weddings at Josephine Butler Parks Center – it’s hands down one of our favorite venues in the city for so many reasons. But one is the versatility in the space. Every wedding I work or showcase here always looks unique and just freakin’ gorgeous. Bridget & Matt’s wedding is no exception and they had their ceremony in the MOST UNIQUE setup within the space! These two incorporated a ton of greenery, grasses, and natural decor into the space and did not let the super rainy day bring them down. So many details from planner Simply Breathe Events & gorgeous images from Sarah Culver. Check it out!

alternative-dc-wedding-pictures-josephine-butler-parks-center2 alternative-dc-wedding-pictures-josephine-butler-parks-center3 alternative-dc-wedding-pictures-josephine-butler-parks-center13

They originally chose Josephine Butler Parks center because it reflected a natural, yet romantic feel and they appreciated the history behind the DC mansion. The Wedding colors they chose (green & pink) enhanced this, and the mixed metals gave their wedding a more urban feel.

alternative-dc-wedding-pictures-josephine-butler-parks-center17 alternative-dc-wedding-pictures-josephine-butler-parks-center18

This spring our area was plagued with rainy weather for about two months, so when it came time for their wedding we had to execute their rain plan for an indoor affair. Bridget was absolutely in love with JBPC’s french doors so it was a no brainer to have their ceremony repositioned under the chandelier as the rain came down.

2017-01-04_0006 alternative-dc-wedding-pictures-josephine-butler-parks-center21 alternative-dc-wedding-pictures-josephine-butler-parks-center11 alternative-dc-wedding-pictures-josephine-butler-parks-center12 alternative-dc-wedding-pictures-josephine-butler-parks-center14

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Tetiana & Tom’s Intimate, Modern DC Wedding at Fathom Gallery


Images: Olivia Jacob Photography

It was a pretty productive week. I’ve got ALMOST all of my Xmas shopping done, I blogged 4 times this week (woo hoo!), had an AMAZING meeting with a prospective new member of the CapRoWedding Team (more to come here), and now we’re capping it off with one of Kara’s 2016 weddings: Tet & Tom’s gorgeous, modern Fathom Gallery Wedding. The winter vibes, intimate ceremony, and black & wedding theme are all stunning. I know you guys are going to love this one ~ have a great weekend Romancers! (PS- today is the LAST day of our 12 days of deals in the #CapRoShop ~ 10% off your ENTIRE order!! Just use #CapRo12Deals at checkout).


Finding the right feel and size venue was the most time consuming and difficult part for us. We wanted to have a wedding in DC and reflect that city vibe we enjoy so much living in it every day. After months of searching, turned out the perfect venue was just a few blocks away from our place.

modern-intimate-fathom-gallery-wedding-washington-dc7 modern-intimate-fathom-gallery-wedding-washington-dc1 modern-intimate-fathom-gallery-wedding-washington-dc8

We wanted wedding to be small and intimate with just closest family and friends. We worked with A.C from Capital Ceremonies leading up to our wedding to put together a custom ceremony that would fit us, show our personalities, allow our guest to learn a little more about us as a couple, include our daughter and honor our families.

modern-intimate-fathom-gallery-wedding-washington-dc9 modern-intimate-fathom-gallery-wedding-washington-dc2 modern-intimate-fathom-gallery-wedding-washington-dc3 modern-intimate-fathom-gallery-wedding-washington-dc12 modern-intimate-fathom-gallery-wedding-washington-dc11

Bride to Be Guest Blogger Kelsey: Picking Your DC Caterer for Your Wedding

local dc food dinner party union kitchen

Guess who’s back? Back again? … Kelsey’s back … ok I’ll stop now. But really we do have our fabulous bride-to-be guest blogger, Kelsey, back on the blog today sharing her thoughts on picking your wedding caterer and attempting to navigate the DC catering scene.

Or as she called it: “Food, Glorious Food”. Ahhh a fellow musical lover :) Take it away Kelsey.

Food Glorious Food – How to Pick Your Wedding Caterer | By Kelsey 

So we booked the venue. Nailed it. Here’s the thing about having a wedding that isn’t at a country club or restaurant, you have to feed people and you have to figure out how. Luckily the DC area is chockfull of caterers and they all want your business. Where do you start? Food is food, right? Wrong. So wrong. You couldn’t be more wrong.

Google ‘DC caterer’, you will come up with 643,000 results. Literally. So there’s some work to be done here. We started with a smaller list than what google provided because our venue had a preferred caterer list. These are companies that the venue trusts and has worked well at the venue in the past. So we started with them and realized wedding food is really fancy and bordering on unrecognizable.

i1 i2

What happened to normal food? Just delicious, easy, and yummy food. At some point, something terrible happened and caterers decided adding things like avocado foam and essence of arugula was a great idea. I mean what really is frisee? I’ll tell you what it is; it’s a waste of money.


We decided that we wanted food that we could spell, recognize, and most important was delicious. So when caterers we contacted gave us selections like ‘yuzu ricotta toasts with edamame pesto’ and ‘celery bite with blue cheese mousse’ we pushed back. We told the vendor – here’s what we’re envisioning and here’s what we don’t want. Some replied with ‘of course, yes, how cute!’ and gave us options like ‘honey poached gala apple cup’ and ‘quinoa stuffed peppers’ and one replied and said:


Well maybe not in those exact words, but she got us. And then the most delicious contract was signed. The moral of this story is stand up for what you want! There will be no spinach straws at my wedding. If you want pear vinaigrette, you shouldn’t come. Find a caterer who understands what you want and can deliver! These people exist. It doesn’t have to be chicken or steak. It can be chicken and waffles or steak sandwiches. You do you, girl.

Once you find your caterer, you will go back and forth to outline the menu for the evening. This includes cocktail hour, dinner, and dessert. Pick and choose what looks delicious. We were provided with some amazing hors d’oeuvres so we asked if we could make them into an entrée. Think outside of the box and ask for items that are some of your favorites. Love pancakes? Do a mini skewer of them during cocktail hour. Are mashed potatoes jam? Try a loaded potato bar for a late night snack.

As you know from my first post, food was on my top three most important things list (technical term), so finding the perfect caterer and then developing the perfect menu was high priority. I was not willing to accept the ordinary.

Want to know what I picked? Sorry, I don’t want to ruin the surprise for everyone, but I’ll give you a hint: there will be tater tots.

Tim & Marie’s Washington, DC Tour Bus Wedding


Images: Jonna Michelle Photography

Happy Friday Romancers!! I’m not going to lie, I don’t hate this cloudy COOL weather day. It feels like FALL and that makes me happy! I have the CUTEST offbeat DC wedding to share today – a literal Tour Bus Wedding, AND I am hosting the We The People DC Instagram handle. I’m also gearing up for the next three weekends of WEDDINGS. I’m working the next two, but a guest at the third. Hello October :)

dc-offbeat-wedding-tour-bus-wedding-6 dc-offbeat-wedding-tour-bus-wedding-7

The couple only recently moved to D.C. Instead of holding their wedding where they’re from in the Midwest, they rented a tour bus and turned their wedding into a vacation for 55 close friends and family! They then held a reception at Logan Tavern near Logan Circle. The best part? Their two standard poodles came along for the whole thing!

dc-offbeat-wedding-tour-bus-wedding-5 dc-offbeat-wedding-tour-bus-wedding-9

Zoey and Indy, the poodles, are very important to the bride and groom, which is why you see so many photos of them. There are also photos of the homemade ice cream the groom made as a treat for all of his guests.

dc-offbeat-wedding-tour-bus-wedding-3 dc-offbeat-wedding-tour-bus-wedding-8 dc-offbeat-wedding-tour-bus-wedding-9 dc-offbeat-wedding-tour-bus-wedding-15 dc-offbeat-wedding-tour-bus-wedding-1 dc-offbeat-wedding-tour-bus-wedding-4 dc-offbeat-wedding-tour-bus-wedding-11 dc-offbeat-wedding-tour-bus-wedding-13 dc-offbeat-wedding-tour-bus-wedding-14 dc-offbeat-wedding-tour-bus-wedding-16 dc-offbeat-wedding-tour-bus-wedding-17

Bride to Be Guest Blogger Kelsey: All I Do is Plan Plan Plan


Image: Maggie Gaudean

Andy & I took Evie on a whirlwind trip up to Vermont for one last little slice of summer vacation (and some early Fall temps – I had a HOODIE on you guys!!!!). It’s always such an awesome respite to get up to Vermont and spend some time with family. But the real world is always still here waiting for me when I get back.

I apologize again for how bad I’ve been about blogging — my day job has kicked into a gear I’ve never yet encountered in my adult, working life, and my daughter has recently decided 5am is an acceptable time to wake up … so yeah, things are a bit rough, but I have some AWESOME posts on the calendar, so here’s hoping I can get my butt in gear and get them up for you guys. Let’s start today with another post from our newest bride-to-be guest blogger, Kelsey. We met her a while back and now she’s hear to share how she started planning her wedding. Take it away Kelsey!

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Hey you came back! Or maybe you read this blog daily and happened to get stuck with me today. Hooray!

Now that you know a little bit about me, let’s dive into my epic wedding planning experience. I was originally planning a long engagement. Like 18 months. Then I started getting into this planning thing and realized, I do not want this to consume me for 18 months. I say consume with love, because it is a wonderful experience, but it’s also soul crushing, but like in a ‘there’s cake at the end of this’ kind of way.

So, I went from 18 months to nine months. And no I’m not pregnant. Why is that everyone’s first assumption when you say nine moths? Who gets married that pregnant on purpose? Right. Anyway once you hit the nine-month mark, things start moving quickly. You read everything you can get your hands on, you create an insane amount of spreadsheets that you don’t even need, and you suddenly have opinions about the color sage.



There are a ton of books out there, I am a spokesperson for none of them, but I can tell you that this one from The Knot was very helpful for me. It kept things organized. I read that cover to cover and then bought this from Bree. Then I created a Google Drive folder that the fiancé and I share.


Some of you may have a fiancé who just wants to show up on the wedding day. That’s totally cool. That’s not mine. He’s helpful with details and keeping me grounded like, ‘hey honey, don’t put that in the garbage disposal, that will not end well.’ Or ‘can we start a campaign to ban those stupid bamboo chairs from weddings?’ You know, real life stuff.

Now that I had place to dump all of my crazy, I needed to get a handle on what I could tackle and when. Because as awesome as it would be to quit my fulltime job and side hustle and just plan a wedding, it’s not realistic. So I made a timeline. Well I started with four timelines and I combined them into one. I took this one, this one, this one, and one from Bree and made a master timeline by month.


One thing I knew I wanted was a wedding coordinator. Someone between a ‘I’ll take it from here, just show up’ and ‘hi I’m [fill in the blank], let’s get you married today.’ For me, Capitol Romance was that balance. (Side note: while I’m Bree’s client, I am not being compensated for these posts, and all opinions are my own) So I secured Bree and got to work.

To be continued…

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