Alonna & Stephon’s Romantic Engagement Pictures at Gaylord National in Maryland

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  • August 16, 2017

Images: Megapixels Media

Attempting to return to the normalcy of blogging with a super gorgeous engagement session at the Gaylord National in National Harbor, Maryland. I’m in LOVE with the green lace dress that Alonna wore for the session, and the way it plays off the tropical greens in the interior of the convention center’s lobby. These two are gorgeous but also full of smiles. I was happy to see some great shots of the two of them laughing together in the submitted set – I almost ALWAYS opt to publish those kinds of pictures here, than too many posed ones. They are SO much more infectious in my opinion. Ok enough from here, here’s some love for your Wednesday.

From the photographer: They danced through a tropical indoor garden, although we were in the midst of winter they kept each other very cozy.

We met as kids when we both attended the same Middle School! We met again as adults at Our Godson’s basketball game! How crazy is it that we share a Godson and hadn’t seen each other since middle school!

The Proposal – Everyone knows my favorite things to do are eat and sleep. His is Basketball! So one would guess that the proposal would either take place at a restaurant or at a basketball game.

Stephon made the attempt to propose at an NBA game and thank God that didn’t happen lol! I’m way too shy for that. So he opted for a more personal setting…Midnight at home, waking me out of my sleep. Perfect right!?

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