Let’s Get Personal: Struggling to Blog Post Hurricane Sandy

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  • November 02, 2012

I posted on Facebook earlier this week about my struggle to get back into wedding blogging with everything that is going down in the North East (especially New Jersey, my hometown). A vendor commented that weddings symbolize hope – and that that is something I could focus on to try and placate my feelings.

I’ll admit though, while hope is a great thing to believe in and follow, I am still struggling. Especially as I am headed to NJ tomorrow morning to celebrate my sister’s birthday with family and friends. What awaits me is my parents house – still without power and gas station lines that have an average of over an hour wait (my dad waited 90 minutes yesterday).

But their part of New Jersey is nothing compared to the coast, where I also have family and friends located. In addition to peoples homes and lives being destroyed, it’s the destruction of some of our favorite small businesses that is also tugging at my heart.

Bay Head – New Jersey (that bridge was a highway …)

My good friend Sean sharde with me some more stories of destruction from his grandparents. They have/had a house on the NJ shore in Bay Head. Apparently business insurance is, not shockingly, incredibly complicated and overly difficult to deal with. Sean’s family’s favorite bakery was ruined by Sandy, but the bakery’s insurance will only cover the cost of fixing the ¬†building of the bakery – not all the ruined equipment inside (which is estimated at over 600K).

I am struggling at this point to not only get back into wedding blogging, but with the absolute helplessness I feel. I want to DO something to help – but I just don’t know what.

People say “donate to the Red Cross“, donate blood … and I will do that, but, I also want to do something that directly impacts at least ONE small business. So, I am in the process of trying to get something started to help Muellers (the bakery above). Please bear with me as I try and work this out AND get back into the swing of regular blogging.

And if you feel so inclined, please do donate to the Red Cross or donate blood :)

Thank you :)


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