Happy Monday!

We are back to our normal, programmed scheduling [for now]. And have an upbeat, modern wedding song suggestion for you this morning, courtesy of a little indie band called Givers.


It’s the way now
Way to see
But it’s inside and out with no doubt
It’s in everything
It’s in everything
We up up up for the below show
Yea we down down here on the ground
Yea we up up up above low
Yea we up up up through the clouds
Yea we up

This song has all the requirements for a “Bree Ryback Favorite” – it’s up beat, catchy, and makes me want to instantly bust a move [or perhaps fist pump a bit … see exhibit A].

What do you think? A great addition to your cocktail hour playlist? Perhaps something to use for a wedding video? Or maybe just a new song for your everyday life?


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