Capitol Nontradition: An Uneven Wedding Party

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  • June 16, 2011

I am thinking of starting a new recurring post on Capitol Romance called “Capitol Nontradition“, wherein I take some traditional wedding element, discuss it, give my opinion on it, and then share some other weddings and couples that bucked the tradition as well.

I am claiming to beDC’s creative cure to its traditional wedding bore” after all

Today’s first “Capitol Nontradition” post ~ An Uneven Wedding Party

[via Live It Out Photo]

A couple days ago I did my best to Google the history behind the even numbers in a wedding party tradition. Other than some fairly corny wedding etiquette sites that look like they were created in 1990, I couldn’t find anything that really explained where this notion came from … that you and your partner had to magically have the same number of close friends/family to be on your respective sides of the wedding party.

I couldn’t fathom not asking one of my best friends to be in our wedding party, just to keep the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen even. I also couldn’t hold back my look of shock when a good friend told me that her friend had asked a cousin to be a “back-up” bridesmaid in her wedding in case one of her fiance’s groomsmen dropped out …

Some people are concerned with how it looks when you walk down the aisle without even numbers. Again – no one wrote a rule that you have to walk down the aisle in boy-girl pairs. My brother walked both my sisters down the aisle ~ and it looked fabulous.

Some people are also concerned about how the wedding party picture will look – my advice to you on that is to scratch the prom-style portrait and get a little bit unique or creative with your wedding party pose.

Need more help being convinced that your wedding party selection shouldn’t be a numbers game? Check out the following wedding parties that went uneven and survived …

this might be my favoritest uneven wedding party picture. ever.

[via Green Wedding Shoes]

[via Danielle Cover Photography]

Prom-style with uneven numbers and it still looks good!

[via Sweet Tea Photography]

There’s more than the just the number of wedding party members that is mismatched as this wedding ~ and it still looks phenomenal!

[via Bridal Buds]

This “uneven” wedding party also features some groomsgirls – totally awesome!

[via Glamour & Grace blog]

Now THIS is an alternative wedding party picture !

[via The Loveliest Day blog]

[via Ruffled Blog]

[via the Bride’s Cafe]

Uneven numbers ain’t got nothin’ on this TOTALLY uneven wedding party!

[via The Loveliest Day]

Quite possibly the best. unique. wedding party picture. ever.

[via Bridal Musings]


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